Market Your Brand or Product with Instagram’s New and Free Feature Called “Reels”

Market Your Brand or Product with Instagram’s New and Free Feature “Reels”

Market Your Brand or Product with Instagram’s New and Free Feature “Reels”

Instagram recently launched a new way to create short and entertaining videos you can use to showcase your brand or your business!

Aptly named “Reels” – this feature allows you to record and edit 15-second multiple clips video with audio, awesome effects, and in-app creative tools.

Some of the fun tools you can use are Audio, AR Effects, Timer and Countdown, Align, and Speed. Sounds familiar? Yep, it’s very similar to TikTok.

Instagram Reels is a new and free way to connect with your audience, market your brand and your offer!

According to Instagram, you can use Reels to be discovered by a wider audience on the platform:

“If your reel is featured in Explore, you’ll receive a notification.”

Instagram chooses “Featured” reels to help you discover original content that they hope will entertain and inspire you.

Whether you are a content creator or you have a product, here are some ways you can take advantage of Reels. Use it to increase engagement with your audience:

I've also talked about 3 Must-Know Instagram Reels Features For Business Offers on my podcast episode here >>>>

  1. Create a fun and authentic content – show your creative side even if you’re simply talking about your day to your followers by using augmented reality features.
  2. Highlight your product – you can use slow motion or speed up the video for more exciting look on your offer.
  3. Highlight your brand – you can easily edit videos to show your before and after looks.
  4. Share educational videos – use Green Screen and put up your own slide as your background.

Check out these examples from business owners who belong to my Social Method Society Membership

How Does It Work?

  1. Open Instagram, at the bottom of Instagram camera, select Reels.
  2. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see a plethora of editing tools. You can explore them to make your video more fun and engaging!
  3. Record your clip by pressing and holding down the capture button. You can record a series of clips at a time, all at once, or upload a pre-recorded video from your gallery.
  4. Share your Reel to your customers and audience when you are done recording! Similar to IGTV, you can change the cover image, add a caption, hashtags and even tag your followers.

Sharing Your Instagram Reels

There are multiple ways you can do this:

  • If your account is set to Public – you can share your reel in Explore so it can be seen and discovered by wider audience in Instagram. There is a new dedicated tab for Reels. If you add a song, a hashtag or effects, your Reel can also be discovered by people who click on those. You can also put it in your own Feed, a preview will appear similar to IGTV.
  • If your account is set to Private – You can share to your own Feed but only those who follow you can see your Reel. People will not be able to share your reels and use your audio.
  • In your Instagram Story – you can put up your Reel in your IG Story and it will disappear after 24 hours!
  • In your DMs – make a personalised message to your audience.

If you do not have the music feature in Stories then you won't have it on your Reels either #annoying. I recommend sending a help ticket through to Instagram. You can also switch to a Creator Profile for a few days to see if that makes a difference.

I know this seemed to help some accounts and when they switched back to Business… the music feature follows them. Sounds crazy, I know… but it's worth a shot!

Alternatively, you can just wait it out. Reels is now rolling out to more than 50 countries worldwide!

I would love to see how you use this awesome feature, my love. Tag me @mumswithhustle on your Instagram Reels when you share them to your Story.

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