Tracy Harris Understanding Your Niche

Do you really know who you are selling to, and why?

do you know?

Understanding your niche means knowing who your customers are, why they choose you, and how to sell to them with ease and love.

WARNING: Skipping this step could be costing you thousands of dollars in lost time and opportunity. But… doing the work and getting this right will set you up for success and ease in your beautiful business. It's so tempting to jump straight into designing logos and websites, but trust me: IT ALL STARTS HERE WITH UNDERSTANDING YOUR NICHE.



And worse - this lack of clarity can mean years of floundering about when you SHOULD be flourishing in your beautiful business.

Understanding your niche and knowing who your soulmate client is, opens you up to truly understanding who you are selling too and why....

And BONUS: It will basically increase your income immediately! (Which is going to give you ALL the good feels).

Tracy Harris Understanding Your Niche

If you are:


  • In the very early stages of having a business.
  • Struggling with not feeling qualified enough / experienced enough / old enough...any enough statement!
  • Feeling confused and "all over the place" about what direction to take your business.
  • Not yet making $$$, so it feels more like an expensive hobby than a serious business.
  • Running yourself around in circles trying to work out how to make PROGRESS and get some TRACTION.

Then you are SERIOUSLY in the right place.

Understanding Your Niche

Like a super sexy SHORTCUT through all the confusion and the worry that surrounds us in this early, "experimental phase" of business.

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FOR JUST $247!!! AUD

Here's what you'll get instant access to!


Welcome and workbook

Get started on your niche building journey with the exclusive Understanding You Niche workbook and welcome lesson.

Lesson 1 - Understanding your niche

Take a deep dive into your niche and truly understand the business you're in and how your products fit into the existing market.

Lesson 2 -
What is a customer avatar?

Discover your ideal soulmate customer and clients and figure out how to sell TO THEM and stop wasting time selling to other people who don't care about your products.

Lesson 3 -
Building your customer avatar profile

Go even deeper into your customer avatar profile. Hone in on the who, what, where, why and how of your soulmate clients and customers.

Lesson 4 -
Mastering your avatar description

The ultimate moment for business owners (and many people skip this!). Create, master and tweak your customer avatar description until you know it by heart and can spot your soulmate customers and clients from 100 meters away on the street!

Lesson 5 -
Locking it in

This is the part where you lock it down. Commit to it. Live by it. Scale your business around it.


Understanding Your Niche is a Quick Win course you can take in your pj's, wherever you like and at your own pace

(some of our ladies complete it in under 2 hours!).


FOR JUST $247!!! AUD

Hold up… who are you?


Me? I'm Tracy! Nice to meet you.

I started Mums With Hustle a few years ago with nothing but my iPhone. In the dark. For real, I was breastfeeding my kid and had just launched my business.

It's now the go-to place for Mamas in business to learn how to confidently turn up online and create their own version of success. Success that leads to freedom and joy - that's my mission for you!

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Want to know a secret?


I created the Understanding Your Niche Course when I saw HEAPS of my soulmate clients and customers selling to the WRONG PEOPLE. Wasting time, resources and ad spend on people who AREN'T INTERESTED!!!

I decided to put a stop to it.

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Are you ready?


  • To lock down your ideal customers and clients?
  • To put in the work to really nut out WHO they are?
  • Create a rock-solid foundation on which to build a thriving brand?

Get INSTANT ACCESS to the Understanding Your Niche Course now!

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