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Hi I'm Tracy. Mum, wife and Australian digital entrepreneur of a 7-figure company. I'm fiercely dedicated to helping mothers create their own version of success in business and a life that is balanced & beautifully abundant.

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Hi, I'm Tracy!
Life long
My Story

It all started when I said, 'Well, heck-no!'

It was 2015 and I was on maternity leave after 10 years of working as an executive teacher.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go back to work – I’ve always been a teacher at heart.

There’s something about watching a child unlock their inherent potential that made me feel something within the realms of magic.

In my role as a teacher and in education leadership I consistently found my happy place working collaboratively to help people uncover more about themselves.

Teaching is my purpose and was a common thread: the unlocking, the realisation, the leading people to discovery, the moment of empowerment.

The wanting more and the satisfaction of finding it. Only, now I had two little boys and found myself in a place where I was expected to make a choice.

Tracy Harris with two sons
Tracy Harris with son
Tracy and Karl Harris

My Boss told me I couldn’t have both. (True Story)

well, heck no!

I wanted to prove that I could.

So I created Mums with Hustle.

Mums with Hustle is a Podcast with an online community of over 100K. We deliver courses, workshops, membership programs, and online communities. We offer teaching, mentoring, industry experts, and biz-building opportunities to Mums powering through to create empires of their dreams.

Their dreams. Not anyone else’s.

1M +







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I almost forget what business was like before I joined.

For me, a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I go into business now with a lot more joy and ease. I find it (almost) fun learning all the different things and implementing them, and I am seeing great results, too. I have learned that business is not about hitting targets that are set by others. I’m not comparing now with what other people are doing; I am comparing with my old self.

Tracy Harris Inner Circle Mastermind testimonial Kate Patch
Kate Patch, Owner, Heritage Blankets

We bought a house solely from our income from the business!

The SMS has really changed so much for me! I have learned so many actionable strategies and have seen so much growth in the last year, to the point where we bought a house solely from our income from the business that supports my husband and I! It has been amazing!

Tracy Harris Inner Circle Mastermind testimonial Shanti Wilby
Shanti Wilby, Owner, From The Wild

Over 1000 orders were processed in a single night!

This is a really important milestone for me. Mum’s With Hustle changed my mindset about how I view my business, the goals I want to achieve, the customers I’m targeting, the experience I want them to have. Tracy’s course that has lead me to a hugely successful planner launch and exponential growth.

Tracy Harris Inner Circle Mastermind testimonial Jo Edgar
Jo Edgar, Owner, Mrs Edgar

I am so far ahead of my YTD in comparison to past years.

I've had my biggest ever Q1, I've had my biggest ever April, and I am so far ahead of my YTD in comparison to past years. Plus, I have only held one small 2-day sale in this time. The difference? ICM and bringing memberships into the fold. Game-changers.

Tracy Harris Inner Circle Mastermind testimonial Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson, Founder, Cleverhand and The Goals Club
We believe
Our Manifesto

There is magic in sisterhood.

Little things can make a big difference.

Surround yourself with dreamers. 

Dream big, and do something bigger

Doing something could change everything.  

Allow yourself to want more and you will BECOME more. 

Sprinkle love wherever you go.

Design the life you are proud of.

Start with a solid commitment and a big vision.

Find your community, and you’ll never be alone.

Back yourself.

And remember:
Together, we are unbreakable.


about tracy


i'm tracy harris

As the founder and CEO of Mums With Hustle, I have the best day job in the world: teaching Mums how to grow their beautiful businesses online. When I started the business, that was everything I wanted, but since then, it has grown into something much bigger. Now, I get my joy from helping women find their zones of genius within a community that truly celebrates their success. I truly believe that when women choose to band together, we can do anything - and if you feel the same, there’s a place in the MWH community for you. 

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The Quiz

I'm pretty much an open book - but here are some things you might not know about me...


Favourite ice cream flavour?

Chocolate and rum and raisin


Secret Guilty Pleasure

In my spare time I watch reality tv


Secret Crush...

John Mayer. (Hands off! He's mine).

Other men who are mine:  Tom Hardy, Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth. And I'd marry Hugh Jackman. Sorry Karl.


When I was little I wanted to be....

A back up dancer for Madonna (with a pointy bra) or a DJ.


Favourite Travel Destination...

Mykonos. I celebrated my 29th birthday there...and came back pregnant!

PS:  After struggling to conceive for 2 years.  #magicmykonos


I have a mad love for...

Dolphins. For my 18th birthday I went to SeaWorld and swam with the dolphins. LOVE.

Fun Fact:  If I need to make a big decision, I'll ask for a sign from a dolphin.

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If you're....

new to building your online business from home and instagram marketing, dive into the podcast!


If you've...

if you've been in business for a while but you need help getting to the next level, let's work together!

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Tracy Harris "if you're a pro"


If you're a...

if you're a digital course creator or you run an online membership or subscription, and you're wanting to scale then my Inner Circle Mastermind is for you.

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The knowledge, the support, and the help is invaluable.

My favourite aspect of all of this is the sisterhood, because there’s nothing that can compare to feeling connected and supported through this journey of growing a business. 

Tracy Harris Inner Circle Mastermind testimonial Jami
Jami, Learn Through Living

You have honestly changed our lives.

Being able to work on this business together has just made such a difference to our lives. More than I think you’ll ever realise! You have honestly changed our lives and we are both so incredibly grateful. I’m so so so happy that we were confident enough to just jump and go all in. 

Tracy Harris Inner Circle Mastermind testimonial Casey Patch
Casey Patch, Course Creator, Little Lifelong Learners

Tracy and Karl are the dream team!

Tracy really has taught me everything I know today, and I am so grateful. I would not have been able to achieve what I have in a short time without her, or Karl, for that matter – they are the DREAM TEAM! One in a million.

Tracy Harris Inner Circle Mastermind testimonial Jazze Jervis
Jazze Jervis, Owner, Network Marketing Coach


join the


Girlfriend - if you are looking for the most engaged, most enthusiastic, most supportive and ridiculously talented online business squad for female entrepreneurs, you've found it!

The #mumswithhustle movement was founded by Tracy Harris in 2014 and has grown to an online community of over 100K, with no signs of stopping.

And babe, you’re invited. Bring your uggs, your flip flops or your Jimmy Choos (whatever works for you, you're the boss!) and get in on the action here.