Exposure on Facebook

3 Ways to Boost Your Exposure on Facebook

3 Ways to Boost Your Exposure on Facebook

The truth about your Facebook Page is that unless you are paying for advertising, your posts that try to “sell” will perform poorly. I know, I know it sucks. The good old days of FREE organic reach are LONG gone but fear not, there are ways you can increase your exposure on Facebook.

Don’t hate Facebook, they are a business themselves after all…a very big business!
They exist to serve their users, the general users – and they serve them well.
Can you imagine if every time you went onto Facebook you were faced with SALES, SALES and more SALES? I don’t know about you but I have clicked “LIKE” on a butt load of business pages and even though I do “LIKE” them and what they offer, I think I’d ditch Facebook fast if my feed was full of “BUY NOW” posts. Particularly those asking for the sale with their constant need to push! Like the general user, I’m on Facebook to connect with family and friends. Business isn't at the top of my mind (believe it or not).
Hence why Facebook has created their algorithm. To keep the average user engaged and satisfied with their experience.

So, what is organic reach?

“Organic reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution.” – Facebook.
So, how can you boost it? Here are 3ish simple ways to improve your organic reach:

1) Embrace video

Facebook still loves video! Don’t freak out just yet but if you want to boost your organic reach, Facebook LIVE will give you the results you desire.
Even if you don’t feel comfortable getting on and broadcasting LIVE (which btw will give you the largest dose of organic reach), you can still benefit from the love that Facebook will give you by sharing a pre-recorded video of your own.
Yes, if the thought of going LIVE scares the pants off you, don’t go live. Pre-record your video and then share it. The reach will still be fantastic! If having your face on the camera is the thing you find most terrifying, don’t show your face. record a video walk-through of the customer journey on your website, create a video using Ripl, share someone else’s video or share a viral video. The point is Facebook loves video and they will reward you with increased reach.

2) Ask questions

Scheduling posts that are less about you and more about your audience will always be popular. Social media is for getting social (shock horror!) so start interacting and invite your likers and followers to start interacting with you by commenting. I’ve seen businesses ask their tribe the most simple of things like:
“What’s for dinner?”

“What time do your kids go to bed?”
I’ve seen others ask their followers about locations or what motivates them, or simply, “tell me your thoughts about X… ”
These are all simple conversation starters. There is no need to overthink it. If you can get people talking, Facebook will love you for it and you’ll also build a rapport with your audience. Relationships are everything at the end of the day. No one is going to buy from you if they don’t know, like or trust you. So always value relationship building posts!

3) Share content from other businesses and interact with them as your business profile

One of my favourite things to do is share blog posts from other businesses that will help serve my audience of bizmums. One of my favourite sources for finding great blog posts is from right within our own Mums With Hustle Facebook group, the MWH Biz Club. Each Tuesday, it’s blog sharing day. I love this thread. I enjoy seeing what blog posts people have published to their websites and if something sparks my interest and I think it will appeal to my audience I share it on my business Facebook Page.
When I do visit a fellow bizmum's business Page I'll browse their most recent posts and give a few LIKES as my business profile and not just my personal profile. This is a good way to build peer-to-peer relationships.
You can switch from personal to business by selecting your profile at the bottom right-hand corner of their post when you're on their business Page and commenting/liking from your biz page.


But wait there's more…I've got 2 more for you.


4) Share viral memes and images

I find this to be the easiest and most fun! Perhaps I just have funny friends but when I'm scrolling my Facebook feed, viral memes seem to pop up. I will save these and post them at a later time of my business Page.
These lighthearted posts show another side of you and make you more relatable. It doesn't have to be all business all the time! People buy from people, so don't be afraid to show your personality and connect over something funny or motivational.

5) Post advice without links!

Posting links will really cripple your reach. It’s time to get an abundance mindset! Learn to give freely without always linking back to your site. Post some useful information, tips, how-to's, a mini blog post – without linking back to your site. Just serve it up on a platter. Don't force the audience to click through to your website. Let them sample the goods right there. If they love it, they'll find your link on your Page and come over to your website. It's not hard to find your link so don't worry. Focus on giving.
So there's 5 ways to satisfy your Facebook audience, increase your reach and hopefully improve your engagement too.
But what about making money and sales?
Well, that's where paid traffic comes in.


Paid Traffic 

If you want to post links to your products, programs and opt-ins, you need to get very deliberate in your use of Facebook and if Facebook really is part of your marketing funnel then you need a clear strategy.
That clear strategy can’t go past Facebook advertising, yep, paying for your reach.

“Paid reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post as a result of ads” – Facebook.

If you want guaranteed exposure in front of your target audience, you need to pay for that. As I said above, Facebook is a business and it’s in the business of satisfying their users. If you’ve got a great Ads strategy then Facebook is going to put you in front of their users that have an interest in you!
How does Facebook do this?
Well, you can now get your posts in front of people who have liked your Page, interacted with your content, visited your website, read a particular blog post of yours, follows a Page similar to yours… you can also target people according to their age, gender, location and interests. Pretty awesome huh?
The Facebook Ads platform is changing constantly and it’s our challenge to keep up.


Get Facebook Ads Savvy! 

Boost your exposure on Facebook

Get Facebook Ads Savvy

For all things Facebook Ads I turn to Dotti Media and this month I’m teaming up with them to bring you an epic FREE training, “Get Facebook Ads Savvy”! You can claim your spot for this webinar here but come ready to learn some meaty stuff because this ain’t a fluffinar-webinar!

Here’s what we’re going to show you:

  • What is working right now when it comes to Facebook Ads
  • How to get the most bang for your Facebook Ads buck
  • What will make your Facebook Ads extremely clickable
  • AND Everything you ever wanted to know about Facebook Ads but were afraid to ask!

In my opinion, Dotti Media are the Australian authority when it comes to understanding Facebook Ads. Share this post with your fellow biz friends and invite them to join us on the webinar too. #BYOwine.


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