Instagram – What’s Working Now? How To Grow Your Instagram Audience Quickly

Instagram – What's Working Now? How To Grow Your Instagram Audience Quickly

We’re diving deep again into Instagram’s newest feature – Instagram Reels! And how you can use them to grow your Instagram audience and increase your reach.

As it is with everything Instagram, Reels got an update already! Instagram recently made new changes to Reels which can help make your content creation more creative, fun and easy. Hence, it also helps with increasing your target reach across the board and ultimately, helps increase your Instagram audience quickly.

My love, if you haven’t explored this incredible tool at your fingertips, I encourage you to check this walkthrough post and a previous podcast episode where I delved into 3 Must-Know Instagram Reels Features For Business Owners. If you'd rather check it out in blog form, I've got just the thing for you right here.

And if you prefer listening to an audio, then I also shared these hot Instagram Reels tips in a podcast episode that you can access here.

So without further ado… let’s get into it!

You Can Now Record Up To 30 Seconds Of Instagram Reels Content

A little while ago Instagram gave us the option to create Reels that are 30 seconds long. When it was first released, we could only create Reels for 15 seconds and if you’ve had a bit of a play, my gosh, 15 seconds go by so fast. You can now choose between 15 seconds or 30 seconds to create your Instagram Reels.

Tap on the top icon to change it from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

Instagram - What's Working Now? How To Grow Your Instagram Audience Quickly

Grow Your Audience By Posting Contents That Are In Alignment With Their Interests

Many of my ladies at Social Method Society have embraced Instagram Reels in their businesses! They share all sorts of incredible contents with their audience.

I just want to do a shoutout to Amanda from Sugar Sugar Cake School. She has shared a handful of Reels and over a 2-week period and she managed to grow her audience with 900 new followers by consistently posting amazing contents using. Amanda’s doing a mix of “how-to” and process videos which are right in alignment with her audience’s interests.

Another shoutout to Larni from Sage Birthing, who has seen growth in reach not only with Instagram Reels but it’s helping her to reach a wider audience with her posts too. This is a post that educates. My members inside the Social Method Society know this as a “Teach” style of content creation.

Instagram - What's Working Now? How To Grow Your Instagram Audience Quickly

Larni’s also upped her ante using effective hashtags. With both these strategies, she has seen incredible results with her reach across the board, yep, including her static posts. Her website clicks increased as well. She effectively drives traffic to her website using her Instagram posts.

Let’s get tangible with Larni’s before and after reach statistics.

Instagram - What's Working Now? How To Grow Your Instagram Audience Quickly

I really want to share these with you because it’s really important to see real-life examples of people that are just like you… Business owners who have a choice between being overwhelm with various marketing options that are available and choosing to stay on top of the trend, to learn and to go through the awkwardness of putting your content out there.

We have many women inside of the Social Method Society who are in those early days of starting to grow their audience presence on Instagram. And those ladies who are embracing Instagram Reels are seeing that even just a single Reels video is having an effect both on their overall reach and the growth of their following.

So, I really want to honour those ladies who are constantly pushing themselves out of their comfort zone!

Just like Jennifer Follett who is a member of my Social Method Society. Jennifer has a smaller audience of about 300 people but her most viewed reels has reached over 1500 people and gained her 10 new followers!

Instagram - What's Working Now? How To Grow Your Instagram Audience Quickly

I know for some people changes can be exciting. More innovation and features mean more creative content creation. I’m also aware that for others, this can be overwhelming and it can all be too hard.

I’ve experienced being on both sides myself, but that thought is fleeting and I very quickly moved into thinking…

  • “How can I use this to have a bigger impact with on audience that I’m trying to serve?”
  • “Well, what does this feature make possible for me?”
  • “How much more fun am I now able to have?”
  • “How much easier does content creation now become?”

My love, when we cast our minds onto positive thinking and reframe the situation, we can overcome the overwhelm. The momentum picks up and before you know it, you’ll learn something new and your business is better for it. I say, let’s embrace the changes as they come along!

I’m also sending these tips to my email subscribers who receive my weekly email every Monday morning. If you haven’t subscribed to my email list yet, girlfriend, go to Also, grab yourself my FREE Instagram Stories Strategy Pack. This freebie has helped thousands of women in business get started with IG Stories in a way that gives them confidence, sees their audience growing and coming back for more, and ultimately build their business.

So ladies, if you are….

– Wanting to have holistic support as you grow your business and market it on Instagram
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– Serious about your social media presence on Instagram and leverage its power for your business

…Then I invite you to get onto the waitlist of my membership, the Social Method Society, and join hundreds of other lady entrepreneurs. We have lots of trainings to help you not only in marketing your offer in an authentic way but also in other facets of your business.

I’ll be having a very sneaky flash opening before the year ends! So make sure to put your name down at

We’ll help you do these things with consistency and persistence, cos my love, that’s the secret sauce!

If you have any questions, send me a DM or comment on any of my posts in Instagram @mumswithhustle.

See you in the inside!

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