MWH 236 : 5 Steps To Transform Through Deep Gratitude with Silke Tyler

MWH 236: 5 Steps To Transform Through Deep Gratitude with Silke Tyler

MWH 236: 5 Steps To Transform Through Deep Gratitude with Silke Tyler

If you’ve ever felt so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what you’re thinking, if you’ve ever felt so much anxiety about what’s happening around you or maybe you’re feeling so outside of yourself that you don’t know how to get back to center and to a space of gratitude…

This is a podcast episode for you when you’re having those experiences.

You may listen to this whenever those feeling of overwhelm and anxiety seem to pop up and almost try to take over.

Let’s get into it!

Feeling Overwhelmed

When you’re trying to juggle many things, taking care of so many aspects and running your own business, at one point or another, anxiety may pop up. You feel overwhelmed.

In light of what’s we’ve been experiencing as a global community in terms of Covid-19, the energy and negativity that can be out there can take it's toll on anybody. I curated a list of top resources to help you through Covid-19 which you can see here #MWHStrong.

I wanna bring this episode to you today, not just because we’re going through an unprecedented time… but this is an episode that you can come back to whenever you feel like you're kind of losing yourself.

Come back to this episode when you feel the anxiety and overwhelm creep up. It’s a sign that you need to return to center.

Similar to episode MWH 231: The Power of Playful – Simple, Practical and Playful Strategies To Get More Work Done At Home with Amy Cox, I took one of my bonus workshops for members of Social Method Society, pulled the audio out and turned it into a podcast.

On this another bonus workshop turned podcast, I’m joined by Silke Tyler! She’s a guest expert and member of the Society.

During this episode, Silke is going to share her 5 Steps To Transform Through Deep Gratitude so that you can shift from fear into a space of empowerment and positive energy.

Gratitude is truly an attitude that changes your life. It’s an ultimate healer. We’re going to tap into that space of gratitude that changes your entire state of being and what it can do for you. #YesPlease

About Silke Tyler

Silke is a Master Hypnotherapist, Master Healer, Leading Spiritual Teacher, and Mentor to Heart-centered Women, who are the Teachers, Healers, Leaders, and Influencers in their communities online and offline.

Silke and I met a couple of years ago through another Mastermind experience. She’s based in Tennessee, U.S., and thanks to the gift of the internet, she gets to lead us through this gratitude practice.

Create Space For Gratitude

Silke recorded this one with me whilst we were all right in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. However, this practice can easily be applied anytime and in any situation that comes up for you.

As you listen to this workshop, make sure to allow it ALL in. This is very important because many times we think that we should have it all together and we should always be brave, but we’re doing ourselves a disservice when we think this way.

Silke’s important reminder is to:

“Give yourself permission for grace. Give yourself permission to breathe for a moment and to touch your own heart. Allow vulnerability in. Allow all feelings that are there to surface. Because you are here in a physical form, you are in this body and you’re experiencing it.”

It is also important to note that many people around you maybe experiencing negativity too. It’s not only you in your own bubble, you are being influenced by people and the world. You are going to be touched because that is what it means to be a human.

We’ve all gone through many things in our life and the worst thing that we can do is stuff down our emotions. As a healer, Silke shares that this is where any illness or disease in the body comes from.

So if you take anything away from this workshop, let it be that you’re doing the best you can in the situation that you have. also know, that you do have the power to transform your state of being even when everything around you seems far from calm or positive.

5 Steps To Transform Into A Space of Gratitude:

During this workshop, we discuss Silke’s 5 Steps so that you can open up your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to shift from a vibration of helplessness and fear into an empowered state of being. (We’ve also discussed how fear is not the boss of you in a previous podcast episode which you can check here>>>)

Step 1: Claim Your Power

You can’t claim your power if you don’t allow grace in and make yourself feel. We are attracting certain things based on our vibrations that go in and out. When you feel it, you now have the permission to send out a powerful vibration of the things that you are okay with and the things that you’re not.

It is important to declare what you want.

Whatever is going on around you, decide on what you want and what you don’t want. This will inform the next steps of how you show up to the world and how the world shows up around you.

If there’s an obstacle that has come up and is testing your boundaries, there is a real possibility that you’ll disregard what you really want and be thrown off course.

Silke teaches us that this is the perfect time to decipher if you really want something. When you do, you have to declare your path and stay strong on it despite the possible hindrances that may come along the way.

>>> In terms with what’s happening now with COVID-19:

Claiming your power in the current situation is still possible.

“You are still within the space, and you still have a lot of power.”

Step 2: Center Yourself Inwardly, Regardless Of Outer Circumstances

The second step can only come when you’re shouting things that you’re okay with and those that you’re not. Make sure that you accomplished claiming your power first. Afterwards, go to this step.

Most of the time, our energy is all over the place. It can be in front of us, behind us or to our sides. We’re moving back and forth and out of alignment. We all do it.

At this time, you need to focus on the moment, catch yourself, take a deep breath and say, “Where am I in regards to my life right now? Where am I really?”

Then… Feel where you are. Whether you’re onto the front, onto the back or onto the sides. Are you present in your body? Because most people are not.

Through all the work that we have to do as business owners and content creators, so much of our time is spent focusing on the screens and on front of our computers. When this happens, our energy is in front of us and above us as we project it outwards.

The key is to pull your energy back and feel into it. Afterwards, see what is creating you and find out how can you begin the process of returning to your center. It is coming back to the present moment and into your body.

#TakeAction – The Process of Centering

We can only do centering if we’re in the present and when we’re acknowledging that we are in a physical form and we’re pulling that back in. The way to do it is through several centers that we have in our body.

1. Heart Space

One of the most beautiful centers. When we’re operating from this space, we’re always operating in sacredness. It is also called the “High Heart.”

2. Power Space

A space right above your belly button. Slightly below our belly button and at the center of our body is another center called the “Tantien” or our center of gravity. These are the spaces that we can center in and ground in.

When you decide on the space, begin meditation. Sit quietly for a moment, feel your energy, focus in returning it into your body by simply asking, “Okay, I’m gonna allow my energy to return to me now.”

Feel it coming back. Many times our energy can come in from the front, at the top of head or straight through our heart. Simply allow it to come in, let it settle back down and let it settle back in. Then feel yourself at the center of your gravity, grounding in. Give yourself power through the sacral area, then through the solar plexus and bring it up more into your heart again.

The entire process is only for 2 minutes. It’s a simple, beautiful and powerful exercise you can do everyday.

We challenge you to #TakeAction and center yourself!

Step 3: Align Yourself Totally To Source Energy

Source energy has different names and representations. It could be God, goddess or any form of higher self. Whatever word you’re comfortable with, give to that highest expression that holds everything and has created the whole universe and beyond.

This is the word that we can always align ourselves to and tap into. It is the beautiful, sacred, divine source of energy that guides and take cares of us, regardless of what we call it.

It’s okay if you’re not someone that connects to terms such as highest self, universe, God, Jesus, angels, etc. This is not about having a particular religion or a belief system to be able to connect to a source energy!

In the end, it always comes back to our own heart center. This is where true connection of everything and anything.

When you are aligned to the source energy you feel a calmness over you. That alignment takes you out of worry and the feeling like you’re out of control.

Visualise how a cool and blue ocean that has no waves looks like. The stillness and peace of it.

The key is not about the technique but more about the intention. Once we have the intention for it, it happens. That’s just how the universe works.

In comparison, when you’re not aligned with your source energy, you constantly worry, there’s a distrust, you feel like you are alone and you need to figure all things out by yourself.

Step 4: Surrender To The Highest Guidance

This might be the toughest part because sometimes, it’s challenging to just let go, surrender and trust into the source energy that guides you. But when you surrender and let it be, it becomes a beautiful space of flow and opening.

For us business owners, we sometimes encounter this when we are about to launch. Whether it’s a new product, a membership, a workshop, coaching sessions or other things, the surrendering part becomes difficult because we can be very attached.

We can be attached to our desire of not failing, to the money we invested, the effort we put in or the work we have done.

But when we are able to surrender, we get to connect with our audience in a deeper level. In turn, we are able to respond to their needs appropriately with the right strategy, tools and information. We can also pivot our business and get more creative.

Silke says that when we don’t surrender and we’re still in our head space, we are in a state of panic and expectations. If we don’t let go, we don’t allow the highest source energy to take over (which is what guides us in the end).

This type of surrendering can only come when we’re doing all the other steps before it. If we’re not centered and aligned, surrendering becomes totally different as it is based on fear. If our decision comes from the alignment with the source energy, surrendering becomes beautiful.

Please note: The meaning of surrendering will come from your own different interpretations.

>>> In terms with what’s happening now with COVID-19:

With the lockdown happening and businesses having to pivot and innovate in order to survive the economic crisis, having to surrender to our highest guidance is really important right now.

Silke says that a good mindset to have is to believe that things always work out in the end. Sometimes, it may not be the way we expect them to, but it is always the way it’s meant to. Know that you are being guided and being taken care of. Having this kind of mindset frees you up! You don’t have to hold on tight to things that are out of your control.

When you’re holding your highest space for yourself, holding it for your community and holding it as much as you can outside of you and in connection to other people, you take part in creating a beautiful healing wave. It’s an amazing ripple effect.

Step 5: Choose Honest Gratitude For All That Feels Right

The honest gratitude journey is where it all begins for each person. This is letting go of conditioning. It’s letting go of the guilt when you haven’t done all the tasks on your To Do list.

The most important part is that there should be no expectation. Some days, you may work. Some days you may not, and that’s perfectly okay.

Always go back to the first step, which is the element of grace and self-care.

Silke says, “This is where you get to be you, and you get to connect with you and only you.”

It’s okay to sit within yourself and truly feel what was this day was like today.

A Honest Gratitude Journey can be whatever it is for you.

There are many ways you can express your gratitude. Anything that makes you feel grateful is true. You define what gratitude means for you. Every experience is equal, and there is no higher value placed on other moments that do not speak to you.

>>> In terms with what’s happening now with COVID-19:

Being in an Honest Gratitude Journey during this time is about not taking for granted those seemingly ordinary moments before the Coronavirus outbreak.

For example, if going to the grocery store was just a monthly errand before the pandemic, then having to buy food for your family is now a privilege, blessed and an experience of gratitude.

Our ordinary daily tasks have evolved into something more significant.

Now is a good opportunity to reflect and reset. It’s giving us permission for the first time to really look into our lives and slow down. It gives us the opportunity to really see our values, what fits with us and what doesn’t. It’s different to each person.

Isn’t it beautiful that we all come from different facets and yet, we get to now have a collective moment of reset? That by itself is such a privilege within this whole situation.

In the Social Method Society, we’re all here for different reasons. Sometimes it’s for the the content, sometimes it’s to do alllllll the trainings while other members join for the sisterhood and the connection.

The truth is… It’s more fun to do business together than to do it on your own!

We hope that everyone can have a moment of surrender and decipher what this experience is for you at this time.

  • There are different seasons for everyone.
  • There are seasons when you need to be in here taking.
  • There are seasons when you need to be in here giving.

We hope you get to choose your season! And we challenge you to open up your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to shift from a vibration of helplessness and fear into an empowered state of being.


Thank you so much Silke for holding this space for us. I know you’ve been doing this for your own community and you coming in and sharing these 5 steps is a gift to us. It’s a very transformative.

Now is really the perfect time to reflect and reset. Really look into your life, look at your big vision, what you want for your family, yourself and your business. Slow down and make it happen.

Have some space for yourself and reconnect to your values. What fits with you and what doesn’t?

Then move forward with clarity and renewed goals. And you will rise up stronger than ever.

I also want to let you know that Silke has 10 minutes free Heart Meditation which you can get here. This is for anyone who wants to go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling calm and centered through this guided practice.

Until next week my lovelies. Stay happy in your hustle.


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