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MWH 112 : Mums Making A Difference: Behind The Scenes of A Non-Profit Start Up with Samantha Payne of The Pink Elephant Support Network

Mums Making A Difference: Behind The Scenes of a Non-Profit Start Up

Founding a successful non-profit organisation is tough work! You are driven by passion and are determined to grow something that benefits your community and helps those in need; however, growing and sustaining your non-profit organisation may take years of effort.

Unless you have founded an organisation that will benefit a large amount of people and there's nothing out there like it

Did you know that one in four pregnancies result in loss? On top of that tragedy, most women are shamed into silence and forced into deep sadness by a lack of support and trusted information.

Today's guest is going to share the story of how her unique non-profit has received a massive amount of success within the last 18 months of being founded. You're going to love this episode because we're featuring a woman on a mission who is fuelled by absolute heart!


This is a special episode because we are featuring our first ever non-profit organisation!

Founded by three brave women Samantha Payne, Rachel Haywood, and Gabbi Armstrong, the Pink Elephants Support Network is a non-profit organisation that provides support to mums who are going through a tough time after experiencing miscarriage, pregnancy loss and infertility.

Today's guest is, Samantha Payne, one of the co-founders!

Sam is a mum to a little girl, Georgie, and a rainbow baby, Johnny. She is an expat from the UK, and has lived in Sydney for the last eight years. When trying for her second child, Sam experienced 2 miscarriages and was shocked at the secrecy and isolation that came with it. She decided to share her journey and join forces with the other founders of the Pink Elephants to create something meaningful and beautiful that also inspires and changes how society perceives miscarriage and how to support women through it.

She is a force, and I felt like this is a very important conversation to have for many bizmums who have similar experiences. Welcome to the virtual couch, Sam!


  • Why Sam and her co-founders started their non-profit organisation (and not biz)
  • What is aftercare and why is it important
  • How The Pink Elephants Support Network connects women with other women
  • Ways to use social media to create a safe space for your audience
  • How to crush the negative stigma surrounding pregnancy loss
  • What tools they use to keep their non-profit running smoothly
  • Why you must be willing to go the extra mile in your non-profit organisation
  • Key advice for mums in biz who are experiencing loss
  • Tips for mums wanting to start a non-profit of their own


  • Sam's journey from start to finish
  • The reasons behind why Sam and her co-founders decided to start their non-profit organisation
  • The importance of aftercare after experiencing pregnancy loss
  • Using social media as a safe space for women to engage about shared experiences
  • Key tools to run a non-profit (Skype/Dropbox)
  • Advice for mums who are experiencing miscarriage, pregnancy loss and infertility
  • Actionable tips for mums gearing up to start their own non-profit


I really want to use the MWH platform to cast a light onto The Pink Elephants Support Network and what they are doing!

If you are experiencing the heartbreak of miscarriage, please seek out support from The Pink Elephants. If someone you know is experiencing loss do your best to support them during this isolating time. You can also visit The Pink Elephants Support Network's website for a variety of free resources.

“We share the same vision which is that no woman should feel unsupported at a time of such grief and sadness. – Sam Payne”


The Pink Elephants Support Network is aiming to launch an ambassador program to support women who are currently going through a loss. You will be able to chat with women who have been where you are, and truly get it. A peer they can turn to for guidance. #WomenSupportingWomen

In addition, they are also hosting a Christmas Fundraiser – 12 Days of Giving!

Interested in supporting The Pink Elephants? Click the button below to donate:

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Web: Pink Elephants Support Network
Facebook: @pinkelephantssupport
Instagram: @pinkelephantssupport


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