Maya Broers From FuelBox

I absolutely love hearing from the MWH tribe; passion, authenticity and dedication is what shines through when I think of you all. I'm super excited to welcome Maya Broers of FuelBox to the MWH virtual couch. I'm sure you'll be just as inspired as I was when you read about her start up journey!


Tell us a bit about you and your family.

I am a mum to two cheeky rascals Pernille, 8 and Ibsen, 5. My husband, who I have been married to for 10 years this year is Norwegian. We meet in Croatia 10 years ago and yes we got married after knowing each other for only 4 months. We live in Gladesville across the road from my parents!!!  Something that a lot of people don’t know about me was that I was a Professional Singer for 20 years and had an original band with one of my brothers called “RedSonja”

What was life like before you started your own business?

Before I started my biz I was a stay at home Mum for 7 Years. I had thoughts about running my own business for many years but it took a while to find something I was really passionate about. It also was a very confronting time figuring how to be wife, mother and myself. In saying that I wouldn't change a thing, it was amazing to be able to be at home with my babies for so long.

Tell us about your biz and your WHY.

My Business is FuelBox, FuelBox is a box of open questions to ignite more fun and meaningful conversations into your relationships.

I found communication in my relationship with my husband challenging, with kids, work and everyday life being so busy we didn’t seem to have time to connect and simply be together like we had before kids.

We tried FuelBox and it was fantastic, such a simple idea and yet with so much impact. We had so many great conversations and it really worked in connecting us together again as a couple.

I knew that I couldn’t be the only women in Australia wanting to bring back some of the pre- kid fun and intimacy into my relationship.

So after many sleepless nights thinking about how I could bring FuelBox to Australia, I did it. I am so passionate about the power of communication and how important it is especially in the world today. We need to make time to talk face-2-face, as our days are filled with so much technology. It is so important not just for our own relationships but also to teach our children what good communication looks like.

If you could go back in time and offer advice to your former mumpreneur-self what would you say?

When I started my business I honestly was naive about what was ahead. I think if I knew how hard starting a business was I may have tried to talk myself out of it. I would say to myself probably what I did say “Go for it, you will never know unless you try and what have you got to lose”

What does success mean to you?

Success means freedom to me. Freedom to live the life I choose with no limitations and to be able to help and influence others to see the value of having face to face conversations and how important it is to our relationships. I also want to be able to show my children that with hard work, belief and some serious determination anything is possible.

Your biggest productivity tip for Mums in biz…

Lists, lists and more lists. As you can tell I like lists! When you have a lot to do it can get quite overwhelming. I like to look at the list and say what is most important thing I need to do here and I start with that.

**FuelBox offer for Mums with Hustle**

Just use the code ‘hustle' at checkout to receive 10% off any FuelBox. Offer is valid for 48 hours.


Let’s capture your personality with these fun facts about YOU:

  • Facebook or Instagram? Facebook
  • Tomato sauce or barbecue? Tomato Sauce
  • Coffee or tea? Tea
  • Wine or Spirits? Wine 
  • Chocolate or Strawberry? Chocolate
  • City or Country? City
  • Summer or Winter? Summer
  • Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling? Ohh thats a hard one but if I have to choose.. Ryan Gosling

Thank you Maya for being so gracious with your time and sharing your #hustle with us! 

Tracy x

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About Tracy

As the founder and CEO of Mums With Hustle, I have the best day job in the world: teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their beautiful businesses online. When I started the business, that was everything I wanted, but since then, it has grown into something much bigger. Now, I get my joy from helping women find their zones of genius within a community that truly celebrates their success. I truly believe that when women choose to band together, we can do anything - and if you feel the same, there’s a place in the MWH community for you.

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