MWH 167 : How To Get Free Editorial For Your Biz with Nicole Ray of Minty Magazine

How To Get Free Editorial For Your Biz

We all want to elevate our businesses, and the quickest way to do this is by getting our business out there and in front of as many targeted eyeballs as possible!

When your products are placed in front of a targeted audience, you're immediately put in front of a warm, interested audience that would not only love what you're offering, but may also love you and your tribe.


I'm all about leveraging the free to grow our start-ups and our businesses, and I'm also all about collaboration. So I'm really excited to jump into today's episode because we're going to be talking all things editorial.

Today's guest is Nicole Ray! Nicole is the Owner and Editor of Minty Magazine- Australia's only publication dedicated to celebrating Children's interior design.


During this episode, Nicole is going to share expert tips on how to receive free editorial for your business, how to make the perfect pitch and the best ways to begin a collaboration.

Make sure you grab a pen and paper because you're going to want to take notes.

1. Introducing Nicole!

Nicole is amazing!

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Nicole Ray?
What is Nicole's biz journey?
How did Nicole found her biz?

2. The Perfect Pitch

Nicole's magazine is read by tens of thousands of people, which can be game-changing for the businesses featured in her magazine. In this section, we're talking submissions and pitches!

Key Points We Discussed:

What does it take for an entrepreneur to be published in Minty Magazine??

  • Follow the submission criteria (typically includes a press release or product information and images)
  • Embrace your uniqueness. Minty Magazine is always looking for interesting brand stories, products supporting a cause, disruptors and innovators, as well good old-fashioned craftsmen and women creating beautiful products with love.

What creates a stand out submission or pitch?

  • Use professional images (provide high-resolution copies).
  • Do your research before you submit.
  • Follow the rules.
  • Sell your product in your submission.
  • Present your product in a different way. Thinking outside of the box will set you apart!

3. Getting Free Editorial

Many entrepreneurs are always looking for avenues to receive unpaid publicity for their business. In this section, Nicole is sharing how Mums With Hustle Podcast listeners can go about getting free editorial!

Key Points We Discussed:

What is the importance of building relationships?

  • Use social media as a platform to build relationships by commenting on posts or interacting with polls, questions on stories, etc. It will warm the publication up to you, and when you do make a submission there may already be a base to work from.
  • Meet in person, if you have the chance!
  • Pro Tip: “When we are receiving hundreds of submissions every week, any sort of existing relationship will help make you stand out.”

Why should you always have your submissions ready to go?

  • If a publication approaches you, they are often on deadline. If you can’t provide exactly what they need at that moment, chances are someone else will.
  • Have images ready to go, know your elevator pitch like the back of you hand, and respond to their requests as quickly as you can.

What is the importance of pitching a story?

  • The quickest way to move up from a product feature to an editorial piece is to submit a unique narrative.
  • Work on a detailed press release that could be easily manipulated into a blog post or magazine feature. Provide professional images and all of the product details in one go.
  • Pro Tip: “If I receive something suitable that I can turn into content without even contacting the brand, it is a no brainer.”

4. Using Collaboration

Collaboration is HUGE for many business owners wanting to grow their brand and reach a larger audience. In this section, Nicole is sharing her best advice for approaching free collaborations.

Key Points We Discussed:

How is collaboration a valuable marketing tool?
What is the most important part of collaboration?

  • Both sides have to benefit.

What thoughts should you consider before approaching a collaboration?

  • What are their pain points?
  • How is what you offering going to solve that?
  • What are you giving them that they can’t say no to?

How can you go about instigating the collaboration?

  • Pitch an idea.
  • Write down your agreement, and the expectations and deliverables of each party.


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2019 holds some new adventures including a very exciting event that Nicole cannot quite spill the details on just yet… all she can say is that if you are an Australian brand keen to expand, you will want to keep an eye on what Minty Magazine is planning.

Minty Magazine has recently published their print edition – Sustainable Style. It’s available on their website. You can also grab a stack of free inspiration if you are planning a children’s room!

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