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MWH 137 : Things I Have Had To Let Go Of In Order To Grow Myself Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally

Things I Have Had To Let Go Of In Order To Grow Myself Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally

Contentment, alignment and success in business…. It all starts with LETTING GO! Letting go of self-limiting beliefs, fear, clutter, toxic people, guilt, false perceptions of yourself, etc.

The list goes on and on. We've got to let go in order to grow!

And that's what I want for you, babe. I want you to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, so I had to share this episode with you so you can let go and make more room for what you want to receive from life.


Today's episode is just you and I, babe. I'm drawing inspiration from one of my recent posts on Instagram that got a lot of saves, comments, likes, and DMs. You can check out that post below:


I've come to this place where I've realised anytime I'm feeling stuck, uninspired, upset, etc., I need to come back to myself and think “Is this true? Or is there something that I need to let go of?”

I truly believe every step forward needs us to let go of something in some capacity. So grab your pen and paper because I'm sharing three things you need to let go of in order to find success and grow.

1. Identity

My old self-identity had to be let go for me to become the entrepreneur I am today! I had put together a perception of who I was that I had created out of my egoic self, and that version of me could not grow. Believe me when I say that when you let go of your false identity, you are able to step into your full potential.

Key Points I Discussed:

How did I put myself in a box?
What caused me to start questioning myself and my own worth?

Why you shouldn't have your identity wrapped up in one thing?
Is your identity wrapped up in a false egoic sense of self or is it your truth?

2. People Pleasing

I would love to make everyone happy all the time, but that's just not possible. I still feel a certain kind of pressure to come and attend get togethers or have long phone conversations, go out, go shopping, etc. just because I run my business from home. However, I realised that was just me trying to be a people pleaser.

Key Points I Discussed:

How did I get comfortable with saying no?

  • I let people know what my work days are and my off days are.
  • I say “no” in a really loving way.

What boundaries did I set to stop people pleasing?
Do you have family and friends who look at your biz as really unconventional? 

  • It's so important to be able to step into their shoes, be confident, and have trust in ourselves to set boundaries to focus on growing your business and not people pleasing.

3. Limiting Beliefs Around Success, Money, and Happiness

I am constantly working on letting go of the limiting beliefs that I have surrounding success, money, and happiness. I am seeking out opportunities to always grow and push past my comfort zone.

Key Points I Discussed:

How does every person have a success threshold?
How does self-sabotage manifest itself as illness?
In what ways do we use excuses to stay small?
Why is it important to increase our comfort boundaries?


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


I would love to know if anything in this episode struck a chord with you. Feel free to DM me and let me know what you have connected with. If you're feeling brave, I want you to take a picture of yourself or your surroundings and tag me @mumswithhustle in your Instagram Stories telling me what you resonated with the most!


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