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MWH 122 : How I Grew A 6 Figure Business Using Instagram

How I Grew A 6 Figure Business Using Instagram

You will always catch me speaking, writing, and teaching about Instagram, but very rarely will I stand up and chat about money. Mostly because I've felt a bit uncomfortable doing so…

I have since learned that I had several money blocks. I always thought having more money meant being more busy and having less time with my family. #NoThanks

However, now I know that we need to speak more about money! We have to be able to have empowered conversations about money, all the time, in business and life.


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I wanted to bring you this episode where I talk openly about how I have grown a six-figure business with zero ad spend, zero capital, and zero experience in business. Yep, MWH is my first business baby.

How have I grown my business? Through Instagram!!!

I'm going to be going through three key anchors that have helped me grow a hyper-targeted quality audience that converts using Instagram (yes, that's you!!). My audience quality is so important to me, and as I share this episode with you, you'll understand just how much I respect my community and my students.

Let's dive in!


Since launching my biz, I've worked with THOUSANDS of business owners, bloggers and brands. I've learnt a lot in a very short period of time about online marketing, so it's safe to say that what I cover in this episode will apply to you – no matter your niche!

1. Get obsessed with your tribe

Key Points I Discussed:

Why you should know who you are targeting?

  • You need to know who you are serving, all the way down to a behavioural and psychological level.
  • This will help you connect with them and serve them your best.

What does getting obsessed with your tribe mean?

  • Know how to craft captions that convert and how to get them engaging and interacting.
  • You'll be able to expand your tribe organically with a carefully hashtag strategy.

Question for you:

Who is it that you are targeting and how well do you know them?

2. Come from a place of service

Key Points I Discussed:

Where does coming from a place of service stem from?

  • Try to view life with an abundance mindset of leading with value.
  • Always ask – “How can I help her?”

How do I come from a place of service?

  • On Instagram, I'm always crafting captions and conversations that put the needs of my audience front and center.
  • It means showing up with consistency and writing back to comments (as much as I can).
  • It means me being real and authentically connecting and engaging with them, through my voice.
  • I inject my personality into my bio, captions, and Stories because Instagram marketing is about getting people to know, like, and trust you!

Question for you:

How well are you serving your audience?

3. Lead them on a journey

Key Points I Discussed:

How do you use Instagram as a marketing and brand-building platform?

  • I enjoy helping business owners shift from seeing Instagram as a selling platform to seeing Instagram as a connection point between them and their customer/client.
  • Always ask – “How can I help her?”

How can you lead your tribe on a journey?

  • Start thinking of Instagram as a lead generating opportunity that takes your tribe to your website!
  • It doesn't start and stop with Instagram.
  • Know where you want to take them and lead them there.

Question for you:

What are you leading them to? Is it to becoming a customer, a subscriber, a member, a client? How are you getting them there?


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To recap, here are my three anchors for building a six-figure business on Instagram:

  • Get obsessed with your tribe.
  • Work from a place of service.
  • Lead them on a journey!

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