MWH 166 - Procrastinate

MWH 166 : When All You Wanna Do Is Procrastinate

When All You Wanna Do Is Procrastinate

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself wanting to procrastinate and not do the things that I knew would move the needle in my business.

These are the tasks that are less sexy and a bit mechanical or technical. Procrastination shows up a lot for me when I'm working on something really purposeful.

I know a lot of the women in my tribe can relate, so today I'm chatting all about procrastination and how you can overcome it!


This episode is for the ladies who want to do purposeful work, but find themselves procrastinating and thinking about all of the other things they could be doing with their time!

If you are looking for a guide to uncovering and banishing self-sabotaging beliefs, then you should check out this episode here.

1. Types of Procrastination

There are several types of procrastination that manifest for various reasons. In this section, I'm sharing several types of procrastination and why they show up. Here's a quick spoiler: Procrastination stems from fear!

Key Points I Discussed:

Does a past experience impact your actions?

  • This type of procrastination shows up when we want to avoid a situation.

Do you fear being judged?

  • This shows up when we are afraid to put something out there into the world because we don't want to be judged.
  • Keep in mind that the less serious you take yourself, the more impact you can have in your business.
  • Create affirmations to combat this fear!

Are you afraid of failing?

  • Look at children – They are approaching new experiences as if everything is play.
  • One of my affirmations to combat my fear of failing is: Business if fun, business is light, business is playful.

Does part of your fear revolve around success?

  • Some people fear success because they're afraid of the limelight.
  • Have you put a type of meaning around what success is?
  • Fearing success is very common.

Do you fear completing tasks that are heavy to you?

  • Consider outsourcing.
  • What does this look like if this was easy?

Do you fear asking for or receiving money?

  • Ask yourself questions about how you feel when you ask for the sale.
  • Do you try to make the tasks harder because you believe money comes from hard work?

2. How To Stop Procrastinating

Being self aware is great! But how are you going to manage and overcome your procrastinating now that you know you're doing it? In this section, I'm sharing how I stop procrastinating so I can truly move the needle in my business.

Key Points I Discussed:

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Get to the bottom of what you're feeling.
  • What about this task or project are you truly avoiding? What pain have I attached to this experience?

Is it even so?

  • Can you switch from being problem focused to being solutions focused?
  • How can you invite ease into this situation?

Change your physical space:

  • Sometimes I'll change my scene three times in a day, or I'll even leave the house completely.
  • Change your whole state and your energy by being in a different space.

Limit distractions and set a timer:

  • Put your phone somewhere else.
  • Turn off notifications on your computer.
  • Work in 20 minute chunks.
  • The more time you have, the more time you have to waste procrastinating.

Go to your inner circle:

  • It helps to have a support network of women to go to that you can unpack your feelings to, so you can work through it.

Practical things that I do personally:

  • Meditate
  • Pray
  • Essential oils
  • Exercise
  • Get fresh air


I hope this episode has really helped you let go of any guilt for carrying around procrastination. Try to pay more attention to the language we use about ourselves, our business, and what we're capable of.

I challenge you to ask yourself some deeper questions to really get to the bottom of why you're procrastinating. Feel free to jot these down or put them in your IG Stories via video and tag me @mumswithhustle telling me what you loved the most about this episode.


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