MWH 274 : How I Built My Business (Part 1 of 2-episode Series)

MWH 274 : How I Built My Business (Part 1 of 2-episode Series)

MWH 274 : How I Built My Business (Part 1 of 2-episode Series)

This episode is Part 1 of a 2-episode Series! In this week’s episode, I’m going to be sharing exactly how I built my business.

If you’ve followed me a long time, you know how important it is for me to do what I love and to have an impact with the work that I do. But without the burnout, stress and the overwhelm.


Listen to this episode to learn:
– What my first year of business looked like (Hint: I only made my first dollar after 6 months)
– The mistake I made that almost led me to burnout
– How to grow your business without doing ‘more’

As you listen to this episode, I want you to identify for yourself which one of these 3 people are you:

  • Person 1 – Has a deep desire to start a business that allows you to work from home (or wherever you may choose) that gives you reliable revenue and allows you to do what you love without the burnout.
  • Person 2 – Has an existing business where you sell a service, physical product, digital product or you’re a mentor/coach. You have sales but you want to have a consistent, reliable and stable revenue each month.
  • Person 3 – Has an online or offline community but you haven’t created a product, a service or a way to make money serving your community yet. Examples are bloggers, Youtubers or content creators.

Girlfriend, which one are you? Let me know! Send me a direct message on Instagram @mumswithhustle or comment on one of my latest posts. You can also send me an email at

Next week, I’m bringing my own business mentor and friend Stu McLaren onto the podcast for Part 2 of this series! We’re going to talk about how you can have consistent, reliable and stable revenue in your business. For the meantime, check-out and grab his free resource.

Stay tuned and stay happy in your hustle!


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