MWH 211 _ Overwhelm In Business - What No One Tells You

MWH 211 : Overwhelm In Business – What No One Tells You

Overwhelm In Business – What No One Tells You

Overwhelm is something that I’ve spoken about on the Mums With Hustle blog before, but moreso in the sense of avoiding Instagram overwhelm.

Today’s episode is a bit different as we’re going to be talking about overwhelm, energy, and how to be more present in your daily life.

I will say that after this episode, you may want to take action by journalling your thoughts and feelings surrounding overwhelm so that you can become more aware of how/when overwhelm crops up for you.

Let’s get into it!

Key Takeaways:

>> [0:53] If you’re listening to this episode and you’re a mum, you’re juggling all the balls. I’m right there with you.

>> [1:54] Mums With Hustle is an online education platform that is all about supporting mothers in starting, growing, and scaling their businesses. One of the greatest tools we have in this era is Instagram, so I love teaching my ladies how to use it with ease.

>> [2:52] This week, I’m going to be talking about that feeling of overwhelm that leads to us feeling burnt out and stressed.

>> [5:34] When we are feeling overwhelmed (especially during the holiday season), it doesn’t take much to see yourself being short and curt with people. You certainly don’t want that affecting your business or personal life.

>> [6:30] It’s really important to be able to feel in control, joyful, and present throughout the year (not only during the holidays).

Where Does Overwhelm Come From?

>> [8:03] Where does overwhelm come from? Overwhelm starts in our own brains in our thoughts. It comes from others. And overwhelm comes from boundaries. What boundaries do you have in place in order to manage your own work/life business?

>> [10:01] Our thoughts are habits. If you say you’re overwhelmed, then you’re thinking that you’re overwhelmed. You end up taking or avoid taking the same actions.

>> [11:57] Your thoughts are cycles. You have the power within you to change the cycle and break that by bringing in a very deliberate effort to disrupt this pattern.

>> [13:50] The hustle doesn’t have to be hideous. Being a business owner doesn’t mean you can’t switch off. There are so many other people who are not operating from a space of overwhelm. They are happy, successful and mothering and running a business that feels good to them.

>> [15:26] Overwhelm really is a state of mind. With awareness and conscious effort, we can change our states of mind.

>> [16:13] Sometimes our bodies can feel the sensation of overwhelm. It shows up and you go around telling yourself this story that you’re overwhelmed. For some people that energy and feeling of overwhelm, isn’t even your own.

The Feelings Of Overwhelm

  • Those feelings, those thoughts, that energy, hasn’t even come from your own stuff.
  • Often we carry the energies and emotions of other people.
  • Anything you engage or interact with can enter your emotional space.
  • Some people are more sensitive to this than others. They’re more physically able to tune into the emotional experience of other people. Essentially, they empathise on a deeper level.

>> [20:38] A highly developed empath is able to pick up on their vibe or energy, to the point where they can deeply feel the emotions of others.

>> [23:16] I’m an empath, and it took me 30 years to even hear what the word was. I’m telling you this because you may not be overwhelmed, you may be carrying the weight of other people’s emotions as your own.

>> [25:41] If you can feel yourself feeling the pain, be aware that it is not your overwhelm. Have a moment to say, “No, thank you.” Imagine that their emotions are a pizza that you hate and imagine rejecting that and giving it back to them.

>> [26:50] The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks is where I first heard of this Energetic Pie technique, so definitely check that book out. It’s a must read!

>> [28:38] If this isn’t new to you, but it’s been brought to the forefront of your mind again, then please use this as a reminder to be joyful, present, and be aware of the thoughts that you’re having.

>> [31:00] I would love to hear from you! Jump on and share what came up for you in an Instagram Story. You don’t have to talk to the camera, you can use the text feature in Instagram Stories and type words. Just remember to tag me @mumswithhustle so I can see them! If you think this episode is going to be helpful for people then send it to a friend.

>> [32:22] Not everything is going to be important. If some things don’t get ticked off the list, it’s okay.

>> [32:45] If you’ve enjoyed this episode, please leave me a review me on iTunes! This helps me reach more women, so I can help move them forward. Massive love!


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