The Power 10

Written by Sara Sheedy

The power of just 10 minutes!

  • Are you always late for appointments
  • Do you feel like you’re always rushing and very impatient with others
  • Often lacking motivation and energy
  • A perfectionist and therefore indecisive

There is hope and it’s all in the Power of just 10 minutes!

The Power 10

I call it the Power 10 – the first 10 minutes of the day to plan and list down all the things you need to get done within your active and most energetic state! Let’s face it – as mums, when we get that elusive few hours to make it happen – we can’t waste a single minute. As a mumprenour, with Miss 3 and Master 1 and onto my second business I plan my day to a fine art!

“Time is the most valuable coin in your life. You and you alone will determine how that coin will be spent. Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you”.  ~ Carl Sandburg


Let’s get started..

Open your notebook/ipad or anywhere you write your ideas or notes. We are going to spend the next 10 minutes writing your to-do list for today or tomorrow. If you already have one, great – let’s fine tune it!

Start writing your list of things to do for the day; (include everything, even the washing and food prep, kid’s pick-up etc.)

  1. Write your list
  2. Allocate time to each task e.g. 5 min, 45 min – therefore you can complete the tasks within the set time you have allowed.
  3. highlight those tasks which must be done (I highlight in yellow) or put a P for priority, next to them
  4. Your ready!


Tips and tricks:

  • complete all ‘mumsy’ duties while the kids are active and playing – they can often help
  • Guard your child-free times as income generating minutes, reduce and remove distractions, social media, emails and phone calls if your focusing on designing, developing and writing.
  • Use the children/babies sleep blocks of time to FOCUS on larger more complex tasks so you can zone in and really get those tasks completed.
  • And most importantly – Write your to-do list each night before bed and refine in the morning within your Power10 moment.

And remember, as mums we juggle multiply balls every minute of every day, the best way to ensure we manage our energy is plan and use our time wisely.

Protect your time and where you spend it, ask yourself the question before saying yes!


Does this add any value to my life/ business and time?


Love pintables – you can find all sorts of templates here to get you started:

Or an App person –

You will soon find your getting a lot more things ticked off that list in no-time, and don’t forget to reward yourself for doing so!

Stay fabulous


About the author:

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Sara Sheedy is an energetic creative trainer and facilitator within the leadership and management space for companies such as Primary Health Care (Laverty Pathology), The Star Casino, O'Brien's Glass, The Coffee Club and Australian Unity. Sara’s workshops are based around ‘new world thinking’ by creating a space for you and your team where game changes happen. Her session’s allow for exploration, creation and innovation to surface, moving your company forward.

In her re-charge time, you will find Sara teaching BodyPump at the local gym and inspiring other mums to look and feel great! Her mumlife is crazy with her two kids Olivia 3.5 and Alexander 1 (but she loves it)



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