How To Use Your iPhone Camera to Take Stunning Instagram Pics

How To Use Your iPhone Camera to take stunning Instagram Pics

Instagram is a visually stunning application, and if you’re using it to market yourself or your biz you should definitely be sharing a highlight reel of only your best high-quality photos.

I know that for most Biz Mums it’s becoming increasingly harder to stop comparing yourself to others and their Insta accounts because you feel that your images don’t quite measure up to the gorgeous professional images that are EVERYWHERE on Insta.

First, you’ve got to stop feeling that way! Your account is special and unique because only YOU can offer what you have to your Insta tribe.

Second, what if I told you that it’s completely possible to take your own show-stopping images with your iPhone?

Yup, I have the perfect tips and tricks to ensure that you get way more double taps on your Insta pics without touching the bank.

I’ve pulled together a short tutorial on how you can use your iPhone camera to take better pics for Instagram TODAY!

Let’s get into it!


This is a great function for anyone because the timer immediately removes any shaky hands or small movements that cause blurry photographs.

Note to self: Must share this one with my Mum aka blurry-photo-taker #SorryMum.


You want your images to be sharp and in focus. Take advantage of your phone’s focus tool by touching firmly on the area of the screen where you want to focus – aka your focal point. It will bring this up on your screen.


I suggest increasing the brightness while snapping your pic by using a quick touch on the screen. You’ll see a box come up with a small sun, indicating brightness. Try touching different areas of the screen to find the perfect brightness. The brightness will adjust with each touch you make in a different place.

If you’ve increased your brightness following the tips outlined above and you’re still not entirely happy with your lighting quality, you can adjust further by following your quick touch with a gentle dragging/sliding of your finger across the sun icon. Moving up will increase the brightness even more and dragging down on the sun will decrease the brightness.

Once you’ve found your perfect brightness, snap away or see the next point.


Daylight is the optimum time to take your pics. Don't be tempted to take them at night, even with your flash or with a light on. Why? Because your photos will get that yellow tinge going on, and that is a big no-no.

The more natural light you have, the less you’ll come to rely on filters and editing tools.

Many people who take winning photos do so in the same room of their house, at the same time of day. This allows them to achieve the same light each time, and it’s just a great tip to keep you achieving the results you’re after.


Using the rule of thirds can really help your pics stand out among a sea of messily placed flatlays. The theory goes that you should place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines. This will make your photo more balanced and will help the audience interact with it more because eyes are naturally drawn to these intersecting points.

If you divide your photo into nine equal parts, you’ll get two vertical lines, two horizontal lines, and four intersections. You can either do this in your mind or by switching on the handy grid function under your iPhone camera settings!

To learn more about the rule of thirds in detail click here.


No one likes crooked pictures, upside down pictures, or pictures that make them have to rotate their phone to really see what you’re showing.

Straighten your photos by selecting your photo in your camera roll and clicking ‘edit’ then select the first tool on the bottom left of your screen. You can now begin to play with the angle of your image by using your finger to move the protractor at the base of your photo until your image is straight.


Once you’ve snapped your Instagram ready pic, open it in Insta and use the sharpen tool, but steer clear from other filters. They’re often too harsh and unnecessary, if you’ve applied the tips above.

Bonus Tip:

Want to get your head around flatlay photography? Have a listen to this beauty of a podcast interview I did with the flatlay queen, Nicole Ward.

Aren’t these some gorgeous flatlays?

Flatlays submitted by: Nicole @themamasorority, Amanda @sugarsugar_cakes, and Clare @littlereads_

If these tips above aren’t enough to help you create show-stopping Insta images then keep reading…

Here are 3 resources I can’t stop raving about and that you NEED to check out when it comes to creating the perfect Insta worthy image:


At MWH we use Canva for Work. It’s nearly replaced the need for Photoshop, and it’s fun to use! With Canva for work, you can set your own branding, create reusable templates, add your own font, and do my fav thing… MAGIC RESIZE!


The Creative Market is a great place to explore, find ideas and buy everything from logos, web templates, fonts, business cards, product mockups, and so much more! Every week they offer 6 free downloads, and it’s actually great quality stuff.

Want to know a secret? I get all of my gold textures from there!


VSCO Cam is a great free app for photo editing. You can do so much to your pictures with VSCO’s editing tools or you can take advantage of the preset options that are available to you. The app is very popular with nearly 40 million users, and even professional photographers rave about it.

Have fun and remember, it takes practice and patience to get a great shot, but it's so worth it!

I’d love to see how you’re using all of these tips! Tag me on Instagram @mumswithhustle in your pics, so I can give you a much deserved double tap.


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