MWH 153 : Building Mums With Hustle: Your Questions Answered

Building Mums With Hustle: Your Questions Answered

This celebratory episode features my amazing co-host and husband, Karl (you may know him as Mr. Hustle) and we're chatting all about how we began building Mums With Hustle and what our entrepreneurial journey has been like up until now.


Pop the champagne or dive into a smoothie bowl because this it the third anniversary of the Mums With Hustle Podcast! During this episode, we are chatting all about how we began building Mums With Hustle and this episode contains the answers to several questions that my tribe asked me via Instagram and my free private Facebook Group –  The Mums With Hustle Biz Club – about how Karl and I grew our empire.

1. The Beginning of Mums With Hustle

Damn, I hustled when building Mums With Hustle. It wasn't easy! But I'm so grateful for everything we've achieved in these last three years.

Key Points We Discussed:
How did you build the business in the beginning with young children?
When did Tracy work, and how did she get it all done?

  • Tracy hustled during nap times.
  • She recorded podcasts at night (8PM) when Ethan was in bed.

How did Tracy manage FOMO when she had to work while Karl got to hang with the boys?
Why you need to be very conscious about where you are choosing to spend your time?

2. Working at MWH

A lot of ladies wanted to know when Karl and I work, so here I'm sharing our schedule and how we knew it was time to bring Karl into the business full-time.

Key Points We Discussed:
How many days do we work and when?

  • We committed to working three days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • We work from 9-5 on those three days.
  • Thursdays are our overflow days.

When did we know that it was time to bring Karl home and into the business full-time?

  • You just know – especially when the nerves feel exciting, that's your intuition speaking.
  • We knew we would make it work because of our self-belief.
  • Ultimately, it was Karl who knew it was time because his family meant more to him than the day job did.
  • Before taking the leap, you have to know that you have a strategic plan to support your family.

3. Generating a Steady Income

People tend to think about self-employment as they do the hourly job they're coming from. When it comes to self-employment, the income is not predictable. So generating a steady income took a bit of time for us.

Key Points We Discussed:
When did we start generating a steady income?
What was the business model that we had in the first couple of years of MWH?
How did the money we made go back into the business?


The podcast episode that we referenced throughout this episode is:
Doing Business With Your Husband – Behind The Scenes at MWH

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