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Mums Help Fellow Mums : On How to Keep Your Child Learning in Times of Coronavirus

Mums Help Fellow Mums : On How to Keep Your Child Learning in Times of Coronavirus

Are you concerned with your child’s education and learning being suspended due to self-isolation and lockdowns because of the Covid-19 pandemic? Or have you decided to do home-schooling for your children? Maybe you are new to the set-up of educating your child inside the comforts of your own home? Or you’ve been doing home-school for a quite while… we have compiled some useful online resources to help you have a great time teaching (and bonding!) with your child.

Remember, learning does not stop inside the four walls of a classroom!

Purposeful Play

Some children learn the most by collaborating with others, re-enacting their favourite storybook, doing a pretend play or by simply doing any activity themselves. This is what we call ‘purposeful play’ – when children learn when they use their hands or any part of their body to grasp an idea or concept of the lesson.

Here are some sites from Mums to fellow Mums, where you can check educational toys, games and activities you can try with your children:

Celebrate Play

Erin is a mum and an Early Childhood and Primary School teacher who shares her own ideas not only for intentional play opportunities but also for being organised while doing it. From various winter play ideas, different ways you can play with home furniture such as bean bags, to different methods of tidying up your child's play space, you can pick one concept or more to do at your own home.


Offering a wide-array of selections of toys such as building and stacking blocks, educational toys, pretend play, puzzles, sensory play, travel and dine, dolls and accessories, and wooden toys, you will find several items that will cater to your children’s needs whatever stage of development they are in.

Beadie Bug Play, Read Play Learn, Play Kids and Growing Kind

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly, organic, vegan-friendly and long-lasting toys, these four sites offer educational wooden toys from blocks, animals, baby dolls, small-world play and even playdough tools. They also have beautifully-illustrated storybooks you can read to your children. Their toys are masterfully handcrafted that they can be used as decorations to your child's room or even in your own living room. Moreover, Beadie Bug Play adheres to using only sustainably sourced materials such as Forestry Standard Certified milled timber, reclaimed hardwoods and local gums from naturally fallen trees.

Stories of Play

Exploring the advantages of home-school learning as her family plans to travel in a camper van, Jules provides a different perspective on how mums can integrate the wonders of education while staying at home. Sharing her own experiences in teaching her children, this pre-school teacher offers fresh ideas on why play matters. What’s more? Her site is offering a discount on bundled e-books that deals with raising creative children.

Erika’s Learning Resources and Inspire.Learn.Teach

If your go-to social media platform is Instagram, be sure to check these two out. They both offer different creative ways to play with your children whether they are still in their infancy stage or are now toddlers, using materials you can easily find inside your own homes.


Learning and Crafts

If your approach is more on the traditional in-their-seat instructions and through arts and crafts, these sites may prove useful as you help unlock your child's imagination and creativity:

Hand in Hand Activity Kits

Looking for inspirations to spice up your creative time with your youngsters? Lauren, through her site, offers different themed activity kits your children can complete at their own pace. They have Australian Animals, Dinosaurs, Under the Sea, Easter, Once Upon a Time, Outer Space, Rainbow, Ladybug and Celebrations. She even has Surprise Kit to add to your child's delight.

Get Ready for School Australia

Approved by Occupational Therapists, the site offers personalised, teacher-created learning tools that are aligned to school curriculum. Intended to be used by 3 to 5-year olds, the materials help parents give their children a head start and build strong learning foundation from home.

EllieFun Box

These Montessori-approved boxes are equipped with full instructions and ready-to-use materials for busy parents. If you are raising your child to be bilingual, their materials might be for you as they also have also offer Mandarin teaching tools among the 6 to 8 different activities included in each box. Other subjects include Arts and Craft, Phonics, Math and. Science.

Creative Mum Life

By simply signing up to their email listing, you can gain free access to their creative learning resource library which includes different printable exciting activities such as Alphabet Learning Workbook, Alphabet Bingo and Easter Egg Alphabet Matching.

My Creative Child

As what the website name suggests, it caters to every creative child’s imagination as they offer art packs that are constantly being updated based on current holiday. You can even buy some packs as gifts. They create each gift with age-appropriate materials. You may even include the packs as a fun activity for your child’s birthday. The site offers art party solution based on your party theme. You can choose from Party Fun Pack, Happy as Party Pack or Part Central Super Art Park.

The Music Suite

Providing music lesson in your own home, the site gives free online tutorial lessons for musically-inclined children who cannot practice in studios due to the coronavirus. The music teachers adapt their approached based on the learning curve of every student. They have different programs to offer such as private lessons, group classes, kinder classes and even masterclasses.

As the coronavirus hits different parts of the world, make use of the lockdown and self-isolation as an opportunity for you and your children to invest more in their education. As proven by these mums with hustle, you do not have to be confined to one teaching method. There are different ways for your youngster to discover, learn and grow. Most of the time, they are not only fun for your children, you get to enjoy too!

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