10 Ways To Grow Your Business In the Midst of Coronavirus

10 Ways To Grow Your Business In the Midst of Coronavirus

More and more countries in the world are imposing lockdowns and restrictions to halt the spread of the Coronavirus. People are being confined inside their own homes or opting to self-isolate. Things are rapidly changing and it is becoming clear that this pandemic will leave long term consequences in the businesses and the economy.

Although it seems scary, successful business owners and entrepreneurs are known to be resilient. We do our best to adapt to any change, and we plan ahead for the future of our businesses.

Right now, inside of the Social Method Society, our Members are remaining resilient and using the time to double-down on their business.

To help you do the same, we've put together 10 helpful business actions that you can do to keep your business strong too. Now is not the time to freeze or get caught up in low vibe emotions that leaving you feeling powerless. It's time to lean in and it's time to put our thinking cap on!

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1. Improve your website and overall online presence

To maintain social distancing, a lot of people are turning into online transactions. Now is the time to get creative and adapt your services to the current situation and needs of your customers.

Lucy Humpries is a product photographer who is using this time to create new features on her website. She added an option where her clients can book directly and easily as she shares different photography packages and offers for her audience.

If you’re in the creative industry like her, take this time to focus on your online portfolio as well. Curate your designs and take out the struggle of your customers in finding good visuals. Jen Bowers of Pink Pom Pom Social focuses on sending out positivity through her small-business social media gallery packs of beautifully-designed graphics, quotes and photos to help her customers get through this difficult time.

2. Create online courses

With closure of businesses, stores and several physical establishments, things are moving into the digital platform. Your customers can continue learning by having online courses of what you usually teach on your physical store. I am so proud of my Social Method Society Members that are seeing this as an opportune time to slow down and begin working on their online courses.

Ladies who moved their businesses online:

Just like photographer Liz Morris who is taking this down time as an opportunity to pivot her business. She educates small business owners on how to save time and money by doing their own product photography. Liz says, “I’m passionate about startups and understand the need to cut costs especially in the beginning.” We totally hear you Liz!

Patricia Tzortzis, a pre-school teacher who goes by Miss Patti, creates personalised learning resources to teach children the fundamental skills they need to start school. In a 30-minute prepared preschool lesson via Skype, she guides Mums on how to teach their home-schooled children similar to a one-on-one method in a classroom setting.

After experiencing a huge dive on membership numbers in her physical yoga studio due to self-isolation, owner Kaye Waterhouse of Vital Beat Yoga has shifted her focus to her online yoga studio. She launched a digital membership and offers unlimited streamed classes to keep her community connected and her teaching staff employed .

3. Engage in online consultations

This pandemic is creating a lot of anxiety in many. Engaging in online consultation is one of the best ways to let your customers know that you are available to help and you can continue to provide services and emotional support.

Caitlin Butt, a naturopath, offers holistic and alternative health approach to her customers by conducting a 30-minute acute immune and stress consultation. She also takes this opportunity of being at home to add value to her customers by sharing self-care rituals.

Nutritionist Alison Loeliger continues to strengthen her relationship with her community through online consultations. She provides knowledge on how to have hormone balance and keep one’s gut healthy by keeping their nutrition simple.

4. Give discounts and special offers

Many people are looking for ways they can save money during this uncertain times. You can show support to your customers by giving discounts and special offers that will keep the revenue flowing.

Entrepreneur Marianne Goldman put together bundles of her natural deodorant products Bare+Free for a discounted price. While Linda Aitken say, “I used to have a craft supply business as well so I plan on making up craft kits from my left over stock and offering it at discounted prices to my local community.”

5. Grow your email list with purposeful freebies and downloadables

With relatively more time on their hands due to home confinement, you can serve your audience with bonus content that they opt-in to receive in exchange for their email address. Growing your email list is an essential part of any digital marketing funnel, and it’s certainly part of the Social Method.

What printables, audio recording or materials can you create for your audience that they can enjoy and download for free?

Leanne Rowe of Lime and Mortar designs and create planner stickers to help her community stay creative even without their usual busy schedules. She created a free printable colouring pag for kids to enjoy, and for adults to have a welcome distraction.

Similarly, Tiffany Ross of Inspire.Learn.Teach spreads good vibes by launching her first freebie on her website, sharing her go-to educational sites for parents and how they can educate their children at home. While Virginia Silva of The Party Pack Company Australia creates downloadable games and activities for anyone stuck at home.

6. Create fitness workouts online

Health is one of the biggest concerns right now. With gyms temporarily closing their doors to curb the outbreak, a lot of people are turning into virtual workout programs for their exercise routines and to keep their fitness in check.

If you’re in the health-related business, one way to keep your customers engaged is to set up online home workouts. Personal trainer Donna Antrim started creating workouts on her website when she cannot do face-to-face coaching. To make sure that she keeps people moving forward, she added opt-in page to track her customers’ workout progress.

To boost positivity for their clients, health and fitness coach Nikki Knieriem and personal brand coach Kristen Werner share free at-home workouts and motivation tips that are easy to use. This is also their way of being proactive in keeping their audience engaged.

7. Explore IGTV on Instagram

Boost the visibility of your products and services by taking advantage of Instagram’s long form content video. You can use the added time in IGTV to have your customers get to know your brand in a deeper level. Video marketing allows you to both educate and entertain your customers.

Angela Sibley of Ever So Homely shares that her plan moving forward is to create IGTV more frequently. She talks about reinventing spaces at home in order to spark new interest for both mamas and their children. On her website, she outlines the importance of having organised space, especially for managing essential supplies and food control during this pandemic.

Similarly, Kylie Loy of Happy Joy Decor builds up her community by doing IGTV on how to make fun stickers and papers her customers can create on their own. Designing personalised kids and baby gifts, Kylie is choosing to look at the lockdown as a time to create additional revenues streams by finally taking the plunge into digital space. Go Kylie!

8. Collaborate and support other biz owners

This is becoming an increasingly tough time for small business owners. It’s more important now for us to support each other’s businesses through this crisis. One of our favourite ways to do this in the Social Method Society is to collaborate and there are so many ways to do this. The sky is the limit!

Alice Bingham is an authentic Instagram influencer with one of the most genuine followings on the ‘Gram. Alice says, “I am a influencer and I have been trying to serve and support small biz and services that have supported me over the years. Just sharing there sales in my stories. I am also just chatting about my life and recipes as usual and I have found people have enjoyed that as they can relate.” Whilst Angela Sanchez of Beauty Business Co. is offering her support to her beauty business owners by creating time saving tools and resources they can use to keep their own businesses strong.

These lady bosses advocate for other women in business through different ways but with common end goal: to help them thrive.

9. Content, content and more content!

With a relatively more time on your hands and your audience, it’s time to release more timely and relevant content. People will be browsing the web A LOT. So make sure to increase your presence (or at least maintain it). Make more opportunities for them to stumble into your page, account or website by putting out more content in different forms, consistently.

Blogger Amanda Warburton shares some fun indoor activities and educational activities to help parents who have their kids at home due to lockdown. While Nicole Smith of Creative Mum Life offers a collection of products and DIY learning resources you can do at home together with your little learners. Likewise, Tash Guthrie actively brings new and free resources that will support and empower fellow mamas and educators who engage in home schooling.

10. Be a source of comfort

It’s a difficult and trying time for the entire world. It’s normal to feel stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. People have different coping mechanisms to keep their emotional distress from spiralling out of control. Be a source of comfort and support. You can help others by simply offering what you do best – sharing your amazing ideas and just being there to build human connection through your own business!

Some people turn into art therapy for self-care. Katya Malyn encourages her audience to distress by making simple and quick drawings in a span of 60 seconds. Ros Flitcroft shares art activity ideas for kids and sells colourful original abstract painting and prints. While Catherine Elizabeth of Little Advent Boxes creates a whole pile of craft activities that kids can do at home in time for Easter.

If you’re in the health and wellness industry, perhaps you can share healthy routines or resources. Just like Jessica Donovan, a naturopath, who offers membership to help busy mums boost the health and nutrition of their children. While Jacque Bruggemann, a wellness coach, empowers families by providing holistic lifestyle program through her workouts, mindset tool and over 300 food recipes.

During this uncertain times…

This is unprecedented times and your business may need unprecedented measures to survive. Do not lose heart! Take advantage of digital marketing. It’s a gift to us at the moment.

Take courage in pivoting your marketing strategy to successfully reach and engage your audience. What can you do to make life easier for your customers? How would you like your customers remember your brand during this time?

Plan ahead, minimise your losses and take comfort in knowing that this coronavirus outbreak will pass and when it does, be the woman that is able to look back and say “I’m so glad I never gave up”.

Are you a small business owner or digital entrepreneur? Are you wanting to get more traffic, more leads and more sales with a proven Instagram marketing method? Want to join one of the most supportive online learning hubs for Mums in business?

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Talk soon my loves.


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