MWH 192 - 5 Brilliant Business Women Share Their Success Secrets

MWH 192 : 5 Brilliant Business Women Share Their Success Secrets

5 Brilliant Business Women Share Their Success Secrets

Business looks different for every body, and today I’m going to be chatting with five brilliant business women who will be sharing their success secrets.

These women are all Members of my online academy, The Social Method Society and it’s so amazing to witness these women going from strength-to-strength.

During this episode, these women are sharing one thing that they’ve actioned in their business recently that has been a game-changer for them. It is my hope that you can connect through their experience and wisdom so that you can have the same success.


>> [0:25] Welcome back to another episode of the Mums With Hustle Podcast. This podcast is sponsored by the Social Method Society, which is my online learning academy for female entrepreneurs growing heart centered, impact driven businesses using Instagram. The doors to the Society will be open from July 23, 2019! Get in on my FREE Masterclass where I’ll be teaching you how you can turn your followers into customers, even if you have a small audience. If you want to attend this free masterclass, then save your seat now! Register now.

>> [3:04] This week’s episode is a little bit different, and it’s going to be a lot of fun! You are going to LOVE it. I’ve asked five of my Members from the Social Method Society to join me on this episode of the Mums With Hustle Podcast.

>> [3:35] The Social Method Society is my private academy, where I help women in business discover how to stand out on Instagram and turn those followers into eager buyers that rave about them. It really is the perfect blend of intentional Instagram marketing meets business building.

>> [4:30] The women on this episode have been taking small steps every day, and they are experiencing shifts. I’ve asked them to share one thing that they’ve actioned in their business recently that has been a game-changer for them. It is my hope that you can connect through their experience and wisdom so that you can have the same success.

>> [5:03] Up first we have a consistent action-taker, Kyla Smith. Kyla is a paediatric dietitian specialising in fussy eating and childhood nutrition. I’ll let her introduce herself because what she does is really beneficial for mums with small children, so let’s get into it!


  • Kyla is focussing on being proactive, rather than reactive.
  • She takes time to prioritise what will move her closer to her big goals.
  • Kyla works smarter, not harder in all aspects of her job by ensuring that her mindset is in the right place.

>> [10:11] Did you love how much her mindset has shifted? Something that really stood out to me is how Kyla is being proactive, not reactive! That’s so good for so many reasons. Now let me introduce you to Jules, a preschool teacher turned SAHM to 3 beautiful girls under 3. I’m pumped to hear what Jules has been up to in her business!


  • Jules joined the Social Method Society the day after she gave birth to her third child. However, before she joined the SMS, Jules didn’t actually have a business and she suffered from severe imposter syndrome.
  • Since joining the Social Method Society, Jules has shifted her mindset to have confidence in her mindset and niche by staying in her own lane.
  • She has stopped making excuses and being a perfectionist so that she could launch her offer.
  • Jules launched her signature program with just an idea, and she more than doubled her launch goal!

>> [15:24] Heck yes, girlfriend! Oh, I love that so much. We all have to stay in our own lane and serve our audience as best as we can. I connect so much with what you’ve said, Jules. Up next is Rachel… Rach is the Founder and Designer over at Mother and Sun, a maternity Beachwear line designed to support active, beach loving mamas to keep living the life they love throughout their pregnancy and into motherhood.


  • Rachel is actively working to keep her money mindset in check.
  • She is consistently manifesting money.
  • Smashing through her negative beliefs have freed her up to focus on what actually matters in her business.
  • Her monthly content plan has helped double her Instagram engagement.

>> [19:01] This just keeps getting better and better. I’m honestly happy dancing right now. Running a successful business isn’t about luck, and, Rachel, you’ve shown that so beautifully. I can’t wait to see how successful your product launch is! Up next is Hollie, founder of Mayday VA. who is always looking to help others move forward in their business.


  • Hollie is now someone who makes time for herself. She knows that her and her business are worth investing in.
  • She recently got clear with her message – visual branding, copy, and services are all cohesive and showing the world that she knows where she wants her biz to go.
  • Hollie now sees herself as an entrepreneur because she has taken the leap to believe in herself!

>> [21:53] Yes, Hollie! Getting clear on your messaging and being intentional on Instagram is so, so important. This has been so much fun, and I’m pumped to wrap this episode up with Jami who has done so well implementing automation into her business to make her life easier.


  • Jami’s game-changing moment is when she sat down to reassess her time management and implement automation into her business.
  • She has family meetings so she knows what she’s able to implement throughout the day.
  • After Jami leaned in to look at the tasks she was doing, she knew automation could remedy the amount of hours she was putting into her business.
  • Such a small tweak had such a huge and powerful impact in her business!

>> [27:15] Oh my gosh. I seriously have butterflies from this episode. I’ve loved introducing you to these five action-takers, and I cannot wait to see what they’re actioning next. Massive heartfelt thanks to Kyla, Rachel, Hollie, Jules, and Jami for contributing to this episode!

These incredible ladies can be your peers, friends, and Society Sisters where you can learn alongside them! The doors to the Social Method Society are open from tomorrow.

Instagram doesn’t have to be hard or heavy, my friend!

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