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5 hot tips to Refresh, Refocus and Re-Launch into a Massive 2017

5 hot tips to Refresh, Refocus and Re-Launch into a Massive 2017!


Congratulations! You did it! From one super busy mum who ticked off a major vision board item in Nov last year (yes.. still on a high as it was 3 years in the making) to another, I hope you had a chance over the Christmas period to celebrate your success and achievements of 2016! Why? Because you deserve it and are worthy! (and there is lots more to come).
For those who failed, cried, hit rock bottom, questioned their business status and their ‘why”, you also made it. You have left 2016 behind, learnt your lessons and held your head high! I believe in you and so do you (I know you do). You have more strength and courage, more guts and determination and yearn for success that 2017 has in store, so get ready.

“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline” – Harvey Mackay.

Hands up those who have a high achievement drive? (Those having high personal and professional standards and striving to improve or meet new, higher standards of excellence; continuously learning).
Yes, that’s me too! So how can we meet this needs, here are my 5 hot tips to Refresh, Refocus and Re-Launch into a Massive 2017!

1. Set goals and standards of excellence, make your goals SMART.

  • Specific (exact, detailed, clear, use action verbs – design, develop, implement)
  • Measurable (how will you measure success, dollars, value, sales, quality, leads, engagement)
  • Achievable (feasible, realistic but stretching)
  • Relevant (linked to your business values and why the goal is important)
  • Timed (set the timeframe, weeks, day, month, quarterly)

Listen to the podcast I did with Sara on SMART goals here:

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2. Get in touch with the emotional pull of what you do, refresh your ‘why’. Write it down and place in on your notice board, vision board and in your line of sight every day.

3. Keep a daily log, journal, gratitude diary of your progress and include all the small steps.

4. Tell a close friend or join a support network, gain an accountability partner to mentor and support you.

5. Take at least one step toward your goal every day.


“Never underestimate your own strength. You were born for a purpose and are blessed with the power to achieve it” – Leon Brown

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Looking to set some killer goal this year?

Check out Your Year, my goal setting system that helps you discover your goals, plan them out and take consistent action!

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