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5 Vital Tools To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

5 Vital Tools to STOP Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing ourselves to others is such a demoralising human condition and us Biz Mum’s are the worse for it. In the days when we just tried ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ who lived next door, we were comparing our old car to their new car.

Now, with the help of social media we’re checking out their new car, their holiday, their social life, their amazingly well behaved children in their happy family pics, not to mention their Instagram followers and that their business was just featured in an awesome magazine!!!

OMG!!! And it’s not just the Joneses either. We tend to compare to people whose lives have absolutely NO resemblance to our own, so it’s no wonder that we then fall into bed each night feeling like we’re just not making the grade!

Well, it’s time to stop the charade and get on with the job of living our own wonderfully self-expressed, real and unique lives.
Here are 5 great tools that you can implement instantly, to stop comparing yourselves to others TODAY!

1. Have a Good B.S. Meter

I’m sure you’ve seen the numerous articles and blogs with titles that go something like: ‘How I made $30K in 24 hours by doing XYZ’, or ‘Learn how I increased my sales by 500% just by doing this 1 simple thing!’

We’ve all seen these ‘gems’ arrive in our inbox or on our news feed, and we have all read them with the hope of finding that one magic ‘thing’ that will send out business skyrocketing… and then it doesn’t… and we wonder why we can’t produce the same results. The fact is that the titles of these articles should really read – ‘How I made $30K from one product, one time only, after about 10 years of trying… and many, many failed attempts.’

If you’re going to compare yourself to someone, make sure your B.S. meter is turned on… and on high alert! If you suspect B.S., then gracefully and quickly UNSUBSCRIBE! There is LOTS of business advice out there so make sure you are well informed, cautious and vigilantly listening to those who speak the truth AND who give you the whole story.


2. Be ‘Inspired’, Not Deflated

When you hear about other Biz Mums’ achievements, try to be inspired that you are learning what’s possible rather than deflated that it’s not happening for you. Seeing what’s possible is always the first step to helping us break through our own limits, so use this information and any inspiration that comes from it, to propel you to the next level.

And let’s be honest, it’s only natural that the little green eyed monster will rear its ugly head every once in a while, but if you are mindful of this and alert to the fact that these inspirations are an opportunity to learn and grow, then every single achievement that you come across will only steer you towards your own successes… and that’s a win for everyone!

3. Focus on your own P.B.

OK, so try to think of this in terms of an athlete. They may be aware of what their opponents are doing, and what the field is achieving as a whole, but they don’t tend to primarily focus on their competition. Instead, they focus on achieving their personal best and it’s the same in business.

Focus on doing the best that YOU can do each day and it’s inevitable that you will start to see an increase in your own best results.

So, if you had an average day today when it came to sales, motivation and overall energy, then make a conscious decision to better that effort tomorrow. Do whatever it takes to beat your personal best – make one more sales call than you did yesterday, contact one extra wholesaler, talk to one more person. Each of these actions may seem insignificant on their own, but when compounded over time, the results will inevitably follow.

This is an important technique for confidence because the best way to increase your confidence, is to increase the amount of action you take.

Increased action = increased wins = increased motivation = increased confidence. Mission accomplished!!!

4. Remember, their success is likely deserved

I would say it would be rare these days for anyone to experience considerable success without them having put in vast amounts of work, so this really is something we need to keep reminding ourselves of daily.

Sure, maybe that Biz Mum has her product in more stores than you, but it’s likely she made 4 times more sales calls. And yes, their online business really has taken, but she probably worked into the early hours of the morning on many occasions to make it happen. Seems like she would deserve it then, right?

And she may have 6 times more Facebook followers than you, but what if she spent $10K in advertising to get it and you have spent $0. Again, that would be fair, wouldn’t it?

Celebrate the achievements of other women who have put their blood, sweat and tears into making their business thrive and realise that you too can have that level of success, if you’re willing to put in the work it takes to achieve it.


5. Manage Your Mindset

Your mindset plays the MOST significant role in your success and, to combat comparison syndrome the best mindset to instil is an Abundance Mentality. There are plenty of books, articles, affirmations, and techniques that will help you with this, so practice, practice, practice!

There really is enough to go around for everyone. And your business, product or service really are unique because no one can do it like you – so believe that, own it and let the world know. If you want the world to believe in your business, then that belief must start with YOU!

Looking for more?

Check out the podcast I did with Tracy on building your confidence as a mum in biz.

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Meet Jodie

Daily HabitsJodie Bruce-Clarke is an author, speaker and coach specialising in helping women increase their confidence. She is the co-owner of Rise Women and her book ‘Pumped: Confidence Techniques that will have you Standing Taller in the World’ is a ‘must-read’.


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