7 Mindset Tips For Mums In Business

MWH 224 : 7 Mindset Tips For Mums In Business

7 Mindset Tips For Mums In Business

This week’s podcast episode is going to be a roundup episode of some the best nuggets of mindset wisdom shared on the Mums With Hustle Podcast.

Let’s get into it!

Key Takeaways:

>> [0:28] This episode is proudly brought to you by mumswithhustle.com which is the ultimate online learning hub supporting mums in starting, growing and scaling drop dead gorgeous businesses. I’m Tracy Harris. I’m an Instagram Strategist, online business coach, and host of this podcast.

>> [0:54] At Mums With Hustle we’re all about trying something new and spicing things up… Something we’ve wanted to try for awhile now is a round-up episode of some of the best nuggets of wisdom shared on the Mums With Hustle Podcast.


>> [1:45] First we have Cara Little who is sharing how she definitely has times when her work life balance is not in check.

>> [2:10] When you become a mum, you usually struggle to find that identity again. Cara had to really do a bit of soul searching to become more confident in who she was and what she wanted to achieve.

>> [3:27] The most successful people in the world have grit and perseverance.

You can check out her episode HERE.


>> [4:34] This tip is from episode MWH 151 : Motherhood Meets Entrepreneurship : How I Built A Business With My Babies At Home and Endless Night Waking. Don’t get caught up comparing your success or your stage of business withs someone else’s. When you do this, you’re feeding the fire that you’re not achieving enough. That mindset doesn’t bring a good energy to the work that we need to be doing.

>> [7:18] Progress and success in business does not come down to busyness and doing all the things.


>> [7:32] Next we have Kristin Bouse who is sharing how you’re going to have critical moments where you could either throw in the towel or just keep going. A really important expectation to have is failure. The more you can surround yourself around other people who are on the same journey as you, the better.

You can check out the full episode HERE.


>> [9:54] I only ever aim to get three things done in one day. Some days I feel like I’m more in flow and I can bust out so much stuff, but then there are other days where I can only get one task done.

>> [11:00] Life is full of expectations, and we are putting expectations on other people and on ourselves. You are the one that is putting the expectations on yourself. I’ve come up a “rule” of three and it makes me feel really good when I get things done.

You can check out the episode this snippet is pulled from HERE.


>> [12:12] Up next, we have Shannon Irvine who is sharing why you need to become the creator of your thoughts.

>> [13:35] You need to be really aware of your htinking because you’re always advocating for your story. So when you have a thought, ask yourself, “Does this thought bring me closer or take me farther away?”

You can check out the full episode HERE.


>> [14:40] Staying on top of your mental health needs to start from the inside out.

>> [15:45] I saw the shift when I began focusing on my thoughts. Realizing that you are not your thoughts is so poweful. You’re just the thinker of your thoughts.

>> [16:50] Become aware that you can control your thoughts. You can think something else if what you’re thinking is not serving you.


>> [17:23] Finally, we have Julia Black sharing how you need to think back to what you love to do and re-kindle that purpose.

>> [19:03] When a light goes out, you want to get to a point where you aren’t surrounded by darkness.

You can check out that episode HERE.

The Wrap Up

>> [19:30] That was pretty freaking cool, right? So many fond memories recording those individual episodes! Ah, major thanks to Shannon, Julia, Cara, and Kristin for those incredible words of wisdom.

>> [19:50] Ladies, I’ve made sure each episode is linked in the show notes, so if you want to dive deeper and listen to the full length episodes just head on over to mumswithhustle.com and that’s where you’ll find them.


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