MWH 198 : Ask Me Anything – Celebrating 4 Years of the MWH Podcast

Ask Me Anything – Celebrating 4 Years of the MWH Podcast

Pop the champagne ’cause the Mums With Hustle Podcast is celebrating 4 years of the Mums With Hustle Podcast with another episode where Karl, my husband, is interviewing me with questions my listeners emailed in!

Today’s podcast episode is going to be a little cheeky and off the cuff since I had no idea what questions I was going to be asked.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!


>> [0:22] I’m honestly a bit scared to be coming to you from the studio today because apparently Karl and my sneaky assistant, Lara, hi-jacked my inbox requesting that you send in any questions you may have so that Karl can interview ME!

>> [2:53] Can you believe that it has been four incredible years since starting the Mums With Hustle Podcast? I’m so grateful and very thankful for every single one of you listening to this podcast, for leaving reviews, and for being a pivotal part of the Mums With Hustle community.

>> [4:40] Hannah from @themindsetmama asked, “How did you decide podcast over blog? What made you just launch into it with full faith in yourself?”

  • I actually had a blog and podcast when I first started! I decided that I would post a blog and podcast once a week, so I had committed to doing two pieces of core content every week.
  • After about two years, I leaned into the content that I enjoyed creating the most which is the podcast! It’s my preferred communication style in general because it builds a relationship much quicker.
  • From day one, I focused on “how is this action going to help the most amount of people?”

>> [7:49] Sandra from @hashtaginstaprints asked, “What does Tracy do to stay on top of her mental health?”

  • Looking after my mental health is a top priority for me because a few years ago I was diagnosed with severe anxiety, mild depression and acute stress.
  • Every single day, I always do something very small just for me. Once a fortnight, I like to go and get my hair washed and blow dried. Karl is really good at giving me an uninterrupted coffee.
  • I dove deep into understand who I truly am at a soul level, not who I think I’m supposed to be for other people. I also continue working towards knowing what my core needs are as a human, and I set boundaries.

>> [10:27] Melanie from @forevertoyshop wants to know, “What should someone never do on an Instagram Stories post?”

  • I love being a business rebel and shaking things up by just being you.
  • Don’t be something you’re not and don’t think you have to play a certain roll.
  • Something I really cringe at is when people name or shame other businesses or customers. It’s not a good look to get ranty! Ask yourself, “Is this the best way to go about this?”
  • Be yourself. Be authentically. If you’re on Instagram for business, then know why you’re there.

>> [13:16] Karen asked, “What has been the most challenging experience in business so far?“

  • There are so many challenging experiences! Every time you add something new that leads to growth feels, it will feel so hard and heavy.
  • Having to say goodbye to people on your team, really hurts. But it’s a part of stepping into your role as a leader.
  • Sometimes projects don’t come to fruition because there are red flags or your intuition pops up and it’s telling you it isn’t right.
  • Being willing to make tough calls in your business.

>> [15:28] Mel from @fortheloveofsorted_mel asked, “Do you ever have days where everything is “too hard” and you want to be alone for a hot minute? If so – what do you do?”

  • I totally do, and I always give myself that time! As I’ve said before, I only have three things on my to-do list per day.
  • It’s really necessary to give yourself time away and time to chill, so when you come back you have more clarity.
  • I know that there are times in the month when I’m feeling supercharged and I can run the world. There are days when work feels difficult, and I know that’s a moment in time. I don’t try to shame myself for feeling that way.

>> [18:15] Rebecca from @yourjourneykeepsakes wants to know, “What is Tracy’s skin care routine, if she has one?”

  • I love using natural, low-tox products. Almost 18 months ago, I switched all of my skincare and hair care to natural products. I am a DoTerra user, so I make up my own blends to oil cleanse or remove makeup. I pop those essential oils on daily.
  • Eco by Sonya Driver has great products. Check out her podcast HERE!
  • I also love Renee from Paudha Healing because she has such great products that are essential oil based.
  • Some of my favorite oils are lavender, rose, and frankincense.
  • I also give myself a lot of makeup free days.

>> [23:15] Claire from @healthyfrenchwife asked, “Where does Tracy get her confidence from? And does Tracy have days where she doubts herself?”

  • I have plenty of days and moments that I work through because I’m not superhuman. Self doubt tends to crop up, but I know that’s not who I am at my core. The one thing I want you to know is that you can never learn enough about yourself.
  • Sometimes I seem confident, but it doesn’t feel like that on the inside. I’m always tapped into how is it going to help other people?
  • My confidence comes from the fact that I know there is massive purpose into why we’re all created into existence. I believe in a higher purpose, and I call that purpose God. I truly believe that I have been lovingly created with purpose.
  • I’m also super grateful for everything!
  • Be mindful and conscious of your life and what’s happening around you.

>> [30:15] Crystal – @TheGentleCounsellor – Would you rather swim with sharks in open water or never get to have a daily smoothie again?

  • I’d give up the smoothie bowls!

>> [30:42] Penny – @sick.happens – What’s your biggest tip for parenting two young boys?

  • Parent from a place of consciousness, not ego. Sometimes we can try to parent based off who we are and not what they are or what they need.

>> [31:59] Maree – @sweet.lavender.rose – What was the last movie that made you cry?

  • A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

>> [32:45] Nikki – @mummefittime – What is the craziest idea you have come up with while going hard at the gym? And did it come into fruition?

  • It was an Instagram Challenge that I wanted to happen the following week.
  • I get a lot of my big ideas when sleeping, in the shower, and exercising.

>> [33:56] Rachel – Any more babies planned? And how old is Tracy?

  • There are not any more babies planned, but we do talk about it.
  • I’m clearly old enough to not be revealing my age.

>> [35:05] Vanessa – What is your most loved and hated thing about having to work with Karl?

  • Loved – Karl is very good at making me see what is actually urgent because I’m a “feeler” and I have all of the feels all of the time. Karl is more of a thinker so it balances me out.
  • Hated – Sometimes we speak in two different languages, but through personal development we can understand what the other is saying before it’s too late.

>> [37:40] Thank you so much for sending in all of these questions! We will be doing something else and something fun with these questions so stay tuned.

>> [38:45] This episode was a lot of fun, and I’m thankful that you all played along. I did have a blast during this episode! Karl did such an amazing job of interviewing me. This month is the birthday month of Mums With Hustle and the podcast. There will be a few surprises happening this month.


>> [40:00] We’re going to be having an iTunes giveaway. So anyone who leaves a podcast review between September 2 – October 31 will be entered into a drawing. We’ll be sending many winners a special prize in the mail to show our gratitude.

If you haven't already left a review, please make sure you do so along with your Instagram handle. This will allow us to hit you up in the DMs and get your address, should you be selected as one of our many prize winners.


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