MWH 230 : The Thing That Changes Everything - Creating Stability And Consistent Revenue In Your Business

MWH 230 : The Thing That Changes Everything – Creating Stability And Consistent Revenue In Your Business

MWH 230 : The Thing That Changes Everything – Creating Stability And Consistent Revenue In Your Business

This episode of Mums With Hustle podcast is dedicated to you, the women who not only believed in themselves, in each other, and all of the future sisters who will decide to join the Social Method Society. You showed that you believe in me as your coach and your mentor in business. And for that, I am forever grateful 🙏

I thought I’d give you a bit of backstory about my business. A peek behind the curtain about how my business started and how it looks today…

In 2018, I completely changed everything about my business. At the end of July that year, I decided to axe ALL digital products and services that I had previously been offering (even though they were profitable). In fact, they were bringing in multiple 6 figures. But at that time, I had just given birth to my second son, Jude. My intuition was telling me that it was time to make a big change.

Most people might’ve looked at me like I was crazy to get rid of all of those products that were giving me multiple income streams. But I had to follow my intuition. The decision popped into my mind to axe everything and focus on ONE thing.

For me, that one thing was an online membership.

So I launched an online membership, and I launched it without having made the actually membership. Yep. Nothing inside, but I invited people to join.

If you’re interested in learning how to start and grow a membership, I’m inviting you to head on over to

This style of launch is called a “Beta Launch” or “Founding Member Launch.” The people who jumped on board became my founding members.

It’s important that I share this with you because I know many of you are considering launching either a membership or online course. This information is extremely valuable.

Here’s how my own Founding Member Launch went down:

It all began because I saw the need.

Before, I used to offer one on one high level Instagram strategy coaching to women in business. We’d talk about their ideal customer avatar, how to attract them on Instagram, how to sell without being salesy, how to use Instagram Stories, write captions that build their business, how to grow their email list with Instagram, drive traffic to their website with Instagram, how to launch their offers on Instagram, what to post on Instagram…. and so much more!

As much as I loved doing this, anyone that has coached before will tell you that it is a MASSIVE energy exchange. I would only be able to serve a maximum of four clients a month. I also had other digital products to sell that all required promotions (such as ebooks, a course and one-on-one services).

Coaching was successful, and I was constantly booked. I could have opened more space to coach more clients but it did take a lot of my energy and left very little for the other areas of my business. I was sharing my Social Method marketing framework for Instagram, which I had developed myself to grow my own brand and business.

Also, I’m a mum of two little boys. At that time, my eldest wasn’t even 3 and my youngest was only a few months old. So, it was A LOT.

A lot of energy scattered in various areas.

Family and time freedom are core values of mine.

I’ve only ever wanted to design a business that allows me to work part-time hours, while still being able to make a difference in the lives of women and in alignment with my own core values.

My current business model wasn’t sustainable and if I kept going like this, it would more than likely take it’s toll on my energy and emotional capacity to be there for my own family. I also really felt for my clients that wanted to continue working with me after the one-on-one coaching sessions. This model wasn’t serving me, and it wasn’t truly serving my community.

It was then that I heard about TRIBE, back in 2017.

I immediately warmed up to Stu McLaren, the co-founder, the head coach and mentor of TRIBE. I also warmed up to his family values (which are similar to mine).

You see, I’ve always wanted to learn from people that are achieving things in their lives that I wanted to achieve as well.

Stu is very impact-driven (and that’s what really drives me!!!).

It became clear that a membership model was the solution for me, my business and my community.

When I decided to launch my membership, I closed all other revenue-generating services that I had. Because I want to put my full energy into growing my membership.

Crazy? It felt a little bit crazy. But it also intuitively felt right. I was at peace with that decision.

How did I launch?

I wanted to keep it simple. So if you’re holding off your launch because it’s not perfect and not fully planned… don’t!

We all need to get better at failing fast.

Because if you fail fast, you learn faster.

I launched in a way that felt easy for me, which is on Instagram.

With Instagram Stories, Instagram Live and a few posts, I let my community know why I have decided to start a membership for them. I told them that my coaching and services were no longer available.

Then I shared my vision for what my membership would become. I spoke with pure heart and full transparency that my membership was not ready (yet!), but it’s starting on a certain date.

I invited them to join with the promise of:
  • One monthly group coaching call (effective immediately inside of a Members Only Facebook Group).
  • One masterclass each month that would move them forward in their Instagram marketing and business journey.
  • Exclusive Founding Member pricing of $49 per month for as long as they remained a member in good standing, regardless of future price rises. And I’ve done that… They’ve stay locked-in at that price regardless of future price rises.

These women would become part of the legacy of the Social Method Society as Founding Members. They will be the ones to provide critical feedback and help shape our safe and collaborative culture that we now have today.

Through the years, since my membership started in 2018, I am able to help these women progress along their marketing and business journey and see them transform!

Marketing is never done, it’s always changing. That’s why it makes sense that a membership is the way to go.

Now, I know your next question probably is, “How many people joined as Founding Members, Tracy?”

Well in that first launch, I had 308 incredible women jump in. Those souls helped to cultivate the culture that exists today inside of the Social Method Society, that at present has over 800 members.

The Social Method Society is only a membership because these ladies believed in the importance of having a space.

A safe space for themselves and other women who would become members in the future.

It’s necessary.

I’m humbled and grateful that every single day, this is what I get to do.

For me the ripple effect of having my membership is:

  • More women are feeling empowered
  • Women are taking charge of their financial well-being
  • These lades are growing in self-esteem as they pursue their passion whilst bringing money for themselves and their family
  • More women are contributing to the economy in a global scale

When we help advance women economically and financially, we literally change the world.

On a personal level, the membership allows my hubby to work in the business alongside me. It allowed us to invest in quality softwares and systems to help make navigating the Member’s area easier for our ladies. It allows us to provide work to amazing people on our small but mighty team.

Many women have decided to do Stu McLaren’s Tribe Experience in 2019. I had the pleasure of mentoring them through the course. And they experiencing the changes brought on by having a stable, recurring revenue.

Here are some women in business whom I mentored in Tribe:
  1. Casey Patch of The Little Play Club – She used our Founding Member strategies to welcome 190 founding members, immediately giving her and her family an additional $2000 in recurring revenue. They’ve just purchased their first family home which Casey describes as her dream home. Now, a year later, Casey has 500 monthly members and around $8000 in monthly recurring revenue. Listen to her episode here>>>
  2. Jazze Jervis of The Calm Society – She used our Founding Member bonuses to launch her membership. She welcomed 124 Founding Members in her first launch. She also quit her career as a lawyer to focus her attention on her family and her thriving business.
  3. Liv Morgan of By Liv – The love and positive feedback that she receives from her members is incredibly beautiful, especially during this time of COVID-19. Her members are saying things like, “Thank you so much, this is the only thing that is normal in my life right now.” Liv has decided not to return to the markets and instead, lean into the power of her online business. Listen to her episode here>>>

So my love, I want to ask you… What do you want your life and your business to look like in one year from now?

If you want to have a successful membership or subscription, then TRIBE is your next best step.


Tribe worked for me.

Tribe worked for the women I coached through the program last year.

It will work for you.

Right now, you have two choices:

Choice A – Keep doing what you’re doing and expect to be in the exact same place this time next year. Or worse become burnt out in your current business model.

Choice B – Consider a recurring revenue model. Join TRIBE and learn how to build a beautiful, impactful, low stress membership or subscription and welcome recurring revenue month after month. Having that stability is PRICELESS!

For those of you who decide to join Tribe through my link and will have me as your mentor, I’ll give you access to my Membership Momentum experience COMPLETELY FREE. These bonuses are valued at $5000+.

Through my Membership Momentum, I'll support you in:

  • Coaching and keeping you accountable in implementing what you’ve learned in TRIBE.
  • Crafting your membership and launching it in HALF THE TIME (stress-free and worry-free!).
  • Hosting a safe space for you and other Mums With Hustle TRIBErs who are also going through the course with you.
  • Giving you access to my high-converting sales page and emails.
  • Sharing with you my best Instagram Launch formula.
  • Exclusive coaching call with Karl, my husband and the other half of this business. He’s going to be your Tech Support Coach so that technology doesn’t have to be your biggest block!

If you’d like to hear more success stories from our community or if you’re curious about TRIBE and all SIX of my Membership Momentum Bonuses, you can go to

There is a payment plan, so you don’t have to worry about investing a huge lump sum.

If you have any questions at all, please send me a DM or shoot me an email. You can even come ask me your questions inside of our Pop-Up Facebook Group where ladies are sharing that they’ve already launched.

Imagine how much success they will have in their next launch once they have access to TRIBE and my Membership Momentum bonuses!

Holy wow! We’re gonna have a brilliant rest of 2020!

I’m so excited for them and for you, my friend.

Speak soon. Take care!


Facebook: @mumswithhustle
Instagram: @mumswithhustle
Twitter: @MumsWithHustle
Biz Club: MWH Biz Club


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As the founder and CEO of Mums With Hustle, I have the best day job in the world: teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their beautiful businesses online. When I started the business, that was everything I wanted, but since then, it has grown into something much bigger. Now, I get my joy from helping women find their zones of genius within a community that truly celebrates their success. I truly believe that when women choose to band together, we can do anything - and if you feel the same, there’s a place in the MWH community for you.

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