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MWH 123 : Doing Business With Your Husband – Behind The Scenes at MWH

Doing Business With Your Husband – Behind The Scenes at MWH

It has been awhile since Karl and I did a podcast episode together – remember MWH 100 : Routines, Smoothies, and World Domination! Celebrating 100 Episodes With A Look Inside Tracy's World? What a crazy fun episode that was! Since that episode, Karl has came into Mums With Hustle full-time, leaving his well-paying 9-5 career.

I wanted to give you an update as to where we are at in biz and life because you ladies asked for it!


Are you ready to get brought up to speed in what's been going on in MWH land? This episode is definitely for you if you've been listening since episode one! This episode will feature my business partner, co-founder, and husband, Karl (aka Mr. Hustle).

1. Bringing Karl On Full-Time

Karl explains his why behind coming into Mums With Hustle full-time and what it really was like leaving his steady 9-5 that he loved. Karl is just as invested in this mission as I am! I really want to note that, we're not rich by any means, we simply back what we're doing 100%. Yep, we are all in! We know the impact and transformation that awaits our tribe, and we want to live our best life – a life by design.

Key Points We Discussed:

Why did Karl leave his full-time job if he loved it so much?
What was the transition like for Karl to take the leap?
Why it is important to Karl to be a more present parent?

How we are going working together on the business?
What is our working schedule while they boys are in daycare?

2. Who Does What In The Biz?

Something I get asked a lot is, “Who does what in your biz?” Today, I am going to share with you what each of us do behind the scenes at Mums With Hustle and what our roles are.

Key Points We Discussed:

What is Tracy's job at Mums With Hustle?

  • I'm the dynamics! I'm the teacher, the content creator in terms of anything that is written (emails, social media posts, ebooks, course content), the community builder, the speaker (IRL and on lives).

What is Karl's job at Mums With Hustle?

  • Karl is the mechanics! He's here to make things work for you – the podcast, builds the course and all products, shoots all video, understands every single piece of software and tech involved in our biz. Hiring and firing! Making sure everything we do stays on brand! He's a huge nerd when it comes to technology, and he really loves improving the customer journey and experience.

What do we do together?

  • We have strategic business conversations with each other and goal setting! Together we're always brainstorming things. Big picture stuff at Mums With Hustle.

3. The Truth Behind Husband & Wife Working Together

We're a power duo rocking an amazing biz… but seriously, we totes get annoyed with each other sometimes! That's life!! In this section, we're keeping it real, babe!

Key Points We Discussed:

Do we ever get annoyed at each other by working with each other?

  • Of course we get annoyed with each other! Normally, we just stare blankly at each other with this look: “You're pissing me off right now.”
  • We don't drag any arguments on or press any buttons.

An example from when I or Karl get fired up?

  • When Karl interrupts my Instagram Stories!

4. Being Taken Seriously As A Bizmum

The topic of unsupportive husbands and partners that “don't get” how hard it is to run a biz as a WAHM comes up a lot in my biz club. I wanted to pick Karl's brain to see what advice he has for those of you who are struggling with this issue.

Key Points We Discussed:

How do most males operate?

  • Most males are less emotional, and a bit more brutal. They're much more direct.

The importance of calling your business, your business – not a side hustle or hobby?

Why you should use the same type of biz language he uses?

  • Talk about quarterly goals (facts and figures), conference calls, workshops, bizmum meet-ups!

Why you need to stop assuming he understands what you do?

  • Sit down and show him your business.
  • Speak to him more in black and white.

5. Full-Blown Launch Mode

We're launching my FREE 5 Day Challenge and re-launching Hashtag Hustle (it's bigger and better than ever), so I had to ask – how's the hubby feeling during crunch time?

Key Points We Discussed:

Three words to describe how Karl's feeling right now:

  • Pretty f'in tired.

Three words to describe how Tracy's feeling right now:

  • Nervous, excited, and really tired.


Karl is keen for quick see-ya laters, but I love long goodbyes! This week we're kicking off my FREE 5 Day Instagram Challenge. If you signed up for this challenge, each day this week, you will get an email at 8:00 AM AEDT, and I'll be jumping in our private pop-up Facebook group for some Facebook Lives!

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