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Five Ways to Get Amazing Social Interaction on your Facebook Ads

Five Ways to Get Amazing Social Interaction on your Facebook Ads

We’ve all seen those Facebook ads pop up in our Newsfeed, you know the ones with thousands of comments, likes and shares. And if you’re like me, it definitely makes the ad seem more interesting.
You can’t help but think – Wow if all of those people have liked that ad it must be worth clicking on! So how can you get those results for yourself? Here’s 5 ways to boost those social interaction numbers.

The Call to Action

Your Call to Action is super important when it comes to your Facebook Ads. It all comes down to people not knowing what action to take unless you Spell. It. Out. For. Them. (Tracy often talks about this in relation to Instagram Posts).
You cannot assume anything when it comes to online, particularly as over 70% of all social media use is via smartphones and tablets. You’ve probably done it yourself in the past, when you click through from an ad or Facebook post, tried to do what they’ve asked but it’s been too hard and within a few seconds you’ve moved on.
There’s no point running a Facebook Ad about your sale, or a particular product if the link only directs them to the homepage. Make it easy and ensure that if you want people to take action, they will know what to do.

Facebook Ads Interaction


Post it on your Page first

One of the best ways to know what to run as a Facebook Ad is to post content regularly on your Facebook page. If you have a post that is going particularly well (and it has a Call to Action either sending people to your website or making contact with you) use that as an opportunity to Boost the Post or run it as a Clicks to Website or Post Engagement Ad.
By letting your audience tell you what’s interesting to them through the interaction you receive, it will most likely then go well to even more people if you run it as an ad. Once you’ve got the social proof (likes, comments, shares) it’s so much easier to get even more!


Facebook Ads Interaction


Use High Quality & Interesting Images

Want to stand out in the newsfeed and have people interact with your ads? Then high quality images without too much text will do your ad wonders. You can use stock photos if you don’t have your own but the more natural your ad looks within the newsfeed the better.
Having too much text on your images may also result in a lower reach for you ads due to the rules on text overlay. Make sure to check your ad images before you use them with the text overlay tool (link to: https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay)

Facebook Ads Interaction


Use the right Objective

If you want to send people to your website, ensure that your ad has the correct objective. Remember, Boosted Posts are not designed to send people off Facebook, so if you’re using Boosted Posts to drive traffic to your website it may not work as well as other types of ads.
Boosted Posts are all about likes, comments and shares and Facebook will optimise your ads to show it to people who do those types of actions on Facebook. If you want to send people to your website, it’s important that you choose a Clicks to Website or Website Conversions type ad so that Facebook is optimising for your audience.

Facebook Ads Interaction


Facebook Ads Interaction

The Offer

When it all comes down to it, your Facebook Ads will be a success based on what your ad is offering. Is it a free download or cheatsheet? Is it a discount in your store? Whatever it is, the best image & the best targeting will not help you if your copy doesn’t tap into the WHY that makes people want your offer. You need to work out the desires & pain points and the solution you can teach or offer to your audience.
Using well-known events that relate to your business will help you tap into your audience's desires and can help you plan out your marketing calendar for the year.
For example:

  • does your business help mums prepare as the kids go back to school? Make sure that your offer is timed for the start of the school year
  • or does it give them some pampering once the kids are IN school ;)? Start your ads in those first few weeks of school
  • do you solve a partners problem on what to give mum for Mothers Day? Make sure that you’re running ads a few weeks before Mothers Day

Whatever it is by creating a good offer and using language that really taps into your audience’s pain points, you’ll be winning with Facebook Ads every time.

Facebook Ads Interaction

Facebook Ads Masterclass

So for those of you who want to run Facebook ads that actually work, we’d like to introduce you to our FB Ads Masterclass.

FB Ads Masterclass was made to take the guesswork out of running your ad campaigns, instead of wondering whether they’ve been set up right – you'll know they are. Instead of wondering what the results mean – you’ll understand them. Instead of writing ads with copy that turns people away – you’ll learn how to write ads that actually make people want to click (and buy!)

But most of all, you’ll learn how to run Facebook ads smarter.

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