Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

We’ve just had an amazing week last week! We just wrapped up our Inner Circle Mastermind Retreat and it was beyond anything I could have ever dreamt of when it came to a virtual event experience.

Even though we had to pivot the retreat to virtual (due to the current global circumstances), it did not stop us from organising an EPIC, fun experience spoiling our ladies online.

It was so incredible and the ladies are definitely UNSTOPPABLE!

We covered a lot of content in 3 short days. We talked about different facets of business and hearing from incredible guest experts including Stu McLaren and Kristy-Lee Billet.

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

I have learned so much through this project and all the moving parts! Many of you ladies have sent me a DM over on Instagram and mentioned that you are interested in various components of our virtual event. One of those components was the sourcing and coordination of gifts.

We chose to give several gifts to our ladies that were sprinkled out across the sessions and the retreat experience. And as valued members of the Mums With Hustle community, I wanted to share with you a list of suppliers that I worked with in putting together the gorgeous gifts for the Inner Circle Mastermind Virtual Retreat Experience.

I hope that you find this list of incredible small businesses useful especially when you are planning your own virtual event. You also get to support small businesses. Win-win!

Gift Ideas From Incredible Small Businesses

1. Gift boxes from @sherbetcreations

A huge thank you to the wonderful Teresa Tripodi our Gift Coordinator! Teresa coordinated and packaged all of the wonderful gift boxes for our ladies. We have worked with Teresa on many projects over the years. She just does an amazing job at curating beautiful and thoughtful gift boxes for whatever their purpose is.

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event
Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

Teresa can work her magic in all kinds of creative ways to ensure that you make the impact you’re wanting to make and that your recipient feels special. She made it so easy and effortless for us to gift the most amazing items to our Inner Circle Mastermind ladies at our Virtual Retreat last week.

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

Special thanks as well to the following small businesses who made our gift boxes such a delightful, exciting and beautiful treat to our ladies!

2. T-shirts from @handmadebytashao

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

3. Mugs from @mybebecadum

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

4. Artwork from @beyondhercontrol

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

5. Cookies from @prettybites_ and Tea from @t2tea

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

6. Candle from @thesoapstress and Label on Candle @limeandmortar

7. All Branded Stationery from Kwik Kopy

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

We just worked with our local one and they were tops!

8. Art materials – Wrapping of Canvas @lovejkaustralia and Palette from Reno Art in Granville

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

9. Group Activity @bondipaintclub

We used the materials above for an online group painting session facilitated by @bondipaintclub! The ladies loved it so much, not only was it fun, they also got to practice their creativity.

10. Bubbles @freixenetau

What’s a better way to cap off your event than with a glass of sparkling! This best-selling sparkling wine is one of those gift ideas that just works for any occasion, and will surely help you celebrate your epic event!

Gift Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

Ladies, just imagine how powerful a virtual event can be when you ask yourself, “How can I make this amazing for my attendees?” Don’t let the global circumstances stops you from serving your audience in the most awesome way!

Also, if you want to know more about Inner Circle Mastermind, head on over to It’s a year-long experience where I teach established business owners how to build their businesses around their dream lives. So if you are a Digital CEO who wants to grow your dream business with online courses, memberships, subscriptions, high-ticket services, and coaching programs, this is your next best step.

You’ll learn next-level online marketing and sales strategies and focus on building out a smart, scalable, and sustainable online business, and here’s the best part: you’ll get access to both me AND Karl as your mentors, and have the opportunity to tap into our experiences of running a 7-figure online business!

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In the meantime, if you haven't heard the latest episode of the Mums With Hustle podcast, you can check it out right here.

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