MWH 228 : How She Went From Selling At Markets To Mastering Online with Liv Morgan of By Liv

MWH 228 : How She Went From Selling At Markets To Mastering Online with Liv Morgan of By Liv

Thinking of starting a membership or subscription for your business? You're in the right place!

This episode of the Mums With Hustle Podcast is proudly brought to you by the TRIBE Experience. As I’ve told you, the month of April is all about memberships, subscriptions and recurring revenue. So stick with me because you’re in for one heck of an episode!

If you’re not familiar with the TRIBE Experience, it is an incredible online course led by my mentor, Stu McLaren. Stu is the go-to guy when it comes to helping business owners come up with recurring revenue streams in their business aka memberships and subscriptions.

Have you been thinking about starting a membership or subscription? Or maybe you have one but it’s not growing the way you want and it’s starting to burn you out? Then you may want to check out Stu’s FREE workshop that kicks off THIS WEEK on April 23, 2020.

You can go to to get registered for your free seat.

I’m also excited to share with you that I am going to be hosting an exclusive pop-up Facebook Group experience to support members of the Mums With Hustle community who have saved their seat for Stu’s free workshop. The Facebook group is called “TRIBE Workshop Pop-Up Group with Tracy & Karl Harris.”

You will be able to join me and my husband, Karl, who will be in the group as your additional coach. We will help you implement the lessons and teachings inside Stu’s free workshop. And we’ll also be hosting Q&As and bonus coaching!

We’ll be there to help you with accountability so that you are going through Stu’s workshop and coming out to the other side with total clarity of what your membership or subscription can look like.

This week’s episode is going to be all about memberships, and I’ve invited one incredible lady who is a TRIBE graduate and member of my Inner Circle Mastermind onto the podcast. It’s Liv Morgan from By Liv!

During this episode, Liv is going to share what prompted her to join TRIBE as a product-based business and how TRIBE has helped her decide what type of membership suits her unique business and her audience. She’s also going to share her top membership tip for those of you who are thinking about starting a subscription or membership in your business.

For your reference, I also went through the four different types of memberships in last week’s episode of Mums With Hustle podcast. If you want to know more about which type of membership best suits your niche or business, go back and listen to the episode just before this one.

Okay… Let’s get into it!


Liv has a product-based membership for her business By Liv. She’s a mum of two and a wife. She makes earrings into moments with timeless designs for her lovers of colours, simplicity and originality.

Liv has been part of Mums With Hustle community for years. She has done my flagship course Hashtag Hustle and one-on-one coaching with me back in the day when I offered it. She’s also part of the Social Method Society and my Inner Circle Mastermind.

Liv’s business started as a hobby when she was at home with her youngest child. When she first started her business, she used to make kid’s clothes where she would add cute buttons to them. And that is where she got the inspiration to make her earrings!


Not long after her business started, Liv and her family hit the road in a caravan. They traveled all around Australia for two years.

During their travels, Liv and her family went to markets to sell her earrings. She introduced herself to everyone she met and she grew her online following in this way.

Liv really valued meeting people in person and that translates to the relationship she built (and keeps building) on social media.


Liv says, “One of the things I’ve cherished the most is that when there’s something at school, I’m able to go and I don’t have to organise time-off or anything. The teachers know that when they need my husband or me for something they can ask, ‘Hey, can you come out and help?’ and more often than not, we can say yes. Plus, our kids love having us as part of that experience. It means a lot to them and it means a lot to us.”

Liv values family time so much. And the beautiful thing is that her business is the vehicle that allows her family to live in alignment of these values.


Liv shares that her work has been largely in markets locally and down in Melbourne. But recently, she’s been concentrating on transitioning a bit more into the online part of business.

Her focus is to scale back the amount of time she’s away from her family in order to have more time with her children on the weekends. She is also scaling her business, selling her earrings more often and doing it with less of her time, but with more ease.


Liv says that she had customers ask her if she has a monthly subscription similar to magazines. The idea was in the back of her mind, but she was so busy in her business that she didn’t have the focus to work on it.

When she saw me talking about TRIBE last year, she jumped over and looked into the course. Liv says, “I had those butterflies in my tummy. This was something I should have been doing… I knew I had to make it happen if I wanted to be in a different spot this time next year.”

In a short 12-month period, the online landscape and Liv’s world in general, changed.

“We would never have imagined that this is how we would be living now, 12 months ago. It’s insane. I’m so so grateful that I’ve had that online presence already in place and we are ready to scale that side of my business,” Liv shares.


Liv curates boxes that she sends to her members every single month. She makes a super special thing for the women in her community to receive, something that is uniquely for them. Each box includes curated self-care gifts and earrings.

The love and positive feedback that she received from her members who got their boxes was incredibly beautiful. But last month’s box was something else… Liv says, “I received so many messages of people saying, ‘Thank you so much, this is the only thing that is normal in my life right now.’”

With her membership, Liv is uniting women through their common interest which is a love for earrings. She caters to women who love to pick their earrings before they pick their clothes. Earrings are a must for these people as earrings give them joy!

During this unprecedented time when people feel most isolated, Liv’s subscription boxes give them something to look forward to.


Liv shares that one of the favourite things her members love about their boxes is “creating the moment.” Outside of each box, there is a label that says they are not to open that box until they are alone and they have a few minutes just for themselves wherein they are not going to be interrupted.

They literally have to put the box aside until the children are in bed. And open it only when they have the time for themselves. That is what Liv says her members cherish the most… that tiny moment for themselves – to simply enjoy the experience and surprises that are in their curated box.


Liv says that aside from being mums, her members are givers, teachers, nurses and generally caregivers not just to their partners and children but to whomever needs it around them.

For these women, their subscription is their way of filling up their own cups. They’ve got something to look forward to!

Before starting her earrings business, Liv used to be a midwife. She shares that this is the root of her strong connection with women. She wants them to take care of themselves and be the best version of themselves.

I have to admit… People who sell physical products sometimes struggle to find a deeper purpose behind their product-based business. A common question I am asked is, “What could be my deep why? I just sell [this product].”

Ladies, if you’re having difficulty tapping into your why, please know that deep down, you have one. You always have a reason for what you do. It is that reason that attracts people to you and your business. That reason is also what gets you through the scary bits and vulnerable parts of having a business!


The ripple effect of what Liv does is massive. She’s lifting these women up, uniting them and she has become a part of their self-care each and every month.

Another ripple effect is that, as her business grows more and more through online sales, she’s doing less selling in markets. Her weekends are now able to be spent with her loved ones and she’s starting to live her ideal life!


Liv says, “Something that struck a chord with me that I heard within TRIBE was: Take yourself out of the equation. You can figure out the how, but take yourself out of the equation.”

What does that mean?

Well, Liv shares that business owners should ask themselves, “What will your audience be missing out on if you didn’t offer your product to them?”

You have to look at the experience that your audience will not have if you don’t put yourself out there.

The fear of failure, making a fool of yourself and introducing new things that aren’t immediately accepted will always be there as risks.

But you have the power to shift your mind and do what you’re doing for the people who want it.

Because, mama, there is always someone who needs it… Whatever it is that you have to offer.


Isn’t it amazing what memberships can do for your business and for your life? I know for Liv it has done some incredible things in terms of her financial security. It allowed her less time selling in markets and more time building the online side of her business. Every month she is seeing her revenue go up and up and up!

One thing in particular that I love about memberships is that it takes away the emotional and psychological stress when you don’t have a recurring income in your business.

Shoutout to Liv for being our guest on this week's podcast episode. For you ladies who love earrings or want to give them as a gift, Liv’s membership opens once every three months. She has a waitlist on her website! Those who sign up to her waitlist will be the first in line and will receive all the necessary information about her subscription boxes.

Before I love you and leave you, I want to remind you that if you are looking to introduce a recurring revenue stream into your business or maybe you don’t have a business yet but feel like you’d like to have a membership, you don’t want to miss this ONCE A YEAR opportunity to learn from the best in the business (which is Stu McLaren).

His FREE workshop kicks off this week on April 23, 2020. He’s teaching a three-part workshop series. It’s in-depth and you’re going to walk away in the end knowing exactly what your potential membership is going to look like! And of course, we will be supporting you in implementing all of that good stuff.

To get registered, go to and head on over to Facebook to find and request access to the pop-up group, “TRIBE Workshop Pop-Up Group with Tracy & Karl Harris”.

I’ll see you next week in the podcast my love or I’ll see you in that Facebook group!


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