MWH 142 : How To Lead With Fierce Authenticity with Jadah Sellner

How To Lead With Fierce Authenticity

Do you want to build a community and lead your tribe with value from a place of service and generosity in business?

Who am I kidding? Of course you do!

Being a leader isn't about how many people you have in your tribe to lead. It’s about how you plan on nurturing your community as you help fulfill their needs.

Yep, you know I'm all about leading from a place of service and authenticity, so when I came across the bizmum I'm chatting with today, I just knew I had to get her and her wisdom onto the podcast for you.


Today's guest is Jadah Sellner. She is a mum, best-selling author, the host of the Lead with Love™ podcast, and international keynote and TEDx speaker helping redefine the way we work, lead and love. You may also know Jadah from her work as co-founder and co-author of Simple Green Smoothies, which has been featured in Oprah's O Magazine (YES, Oprah!!!).

As a serial entrepreneur, online community growth strategist and business mentor, Jadah now dedicates her time consulting companies and personal brands to build communities with love, service, and impact.


During this episode, Jadah is going to chat with us all about how she leads with fierce authenticity and soul by sharing her top tips for building a thriving, engaged, and action-taking community.

1. Introducing Jadah!

So much of what I did in the early days of my business comes from Jadah's words of wisdom. I tend not to fangirl about many people, but I have the utmost respect for Jadah.

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Jadah Sellner?
What is Jadah's biz journey?
How did Jadah found her biz?

2. Jadah's Manifesto

Jadah has a manifesto of sorts for artists, dreamers, entrepreneurs and world-changers who want to dream big and find their tribe.

Key Points We Discussed:

What is Jadah's manifesto?

  • Dream out loud.
  • Use your greatest gifts to serve.
  • Enjoy the process more than the destination.
  • Make business your art.
  • Take imperfect action.
  • Look at failure as feedback.
  • Choose love & delight your tribe.
  • Let fear come along for the ride, but LET LOVE LEAD.

Why do you need to think about who you are most excited to serve?
How to understand what you stand for?

3. Building A Community

We all want to build a thriving, engaged, action-taking community, so in this section Jadah is sharing her most practical tips and strategies to help you build your ideal community.

Key Points We Discussed:

How to build an action-taking community?

  • Share valuable information consistently that is free.
  • Make your free opt-in better than someone's paid offer.
  • Your message will spread so much quicker when you offer so much free value up front.

How does Jadah think about courting her community?

  • Social media is a dance floor.
  • Your website is your home.
  • Your email list is your bedroom.

Why you should consider creating a limited-time challenge to give to your tribe?
Jadah's question for you: What simple and easy win can you teach your community right now?

  • Turn that into a value-packed challenge!

What ways can you find opportunities where you can fill a gap in the marketplace?

  • Look into other people's comments.
  • Check out Amazon book reviews.

4. The Importance of Self Awareness

Continually improving yourself as an entrepreneur is essential! In this section, I had to pick Jadah's brain to see how she manages to be fully self aware.

Key Points We Discussed:

What is one thing that helped Jadah succeed?

  • Knowing magic can strike twice.
  • Understanding what the right next step is for you.

Why should you keep choosing yourself over and over again?
How does Jadah continually improve herself?
Why must you build your business in a way that supports your greatest gifts and strengths?


I would love to know how you lead with authenticity. Feel free to DM me and let me know what you have connected with. If you're feeling brave, I want you to take a picture of yourself or your surroundings and tag me @mumswithhustle in your Instagram Stories telling me what you resonated with the most!


Jadah's super excited about her Love Over Metrics Incubator for women in business and being the host of her Lead With Love™ podcast.

Learn more about Jadah's Love Over Metrics Incubator HERE.

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Instagram: @jadahsellner


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