Perfection sucks so kick it up the bum

I am going to be a little venerable in this blog post. My therapist ensures me that vulnerability is a good thing, so here it goes!

Something about me that you should probably know is my need to have everything perfect before I can go ahead with anything. So for me, in my journey with Mums With Hustle, this trait soon had to take a back seat.

It was, and still is, really hard to push on with somethings when I don’t have the complete picture in my head or all the details sorted out, but I’m learning to trust in the process.

Thanks to Brene` Brown, I can now refer to myself as a “recovering” perfectionist! If you aren’t familiar with Brene` and her work, this is your kick up the bum to check her out (after you read this post haha).


Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

I first dipped my toes into the blogging world 10 years ago and I’ve been blogging ever since, but nothing truly of my own. It was always for other people – my employers and even Lorna Jane!

I had been thinking (or more so dreaming), of the idea of starting an online venture for years before I actually took my leap. So what was holding me back? Yep, that need to have everything PERFECT.


I hate that word.


In fact, my husband is always reminding me that there is a difference between perfection and excellence. It’s great to strive for excellence but perfection… that ain’t so healthy!

If I kept waiting around for everything to be ‘perfect’ and have all of my ducks in a row (as the cliche goes) then I would have spent more time planning and not enough time doing. All that waiting around and planning was actually a waste of time and I’m so glad I FINALLY decided to make my start.

I am learning that it’s not about getting from A-Z in one go or getting from 1-10.

Calm your farm Tracy!


Instead, just focus on getting from A to B. Don’t get me wrong, it’s essential to have vision BUT I’m remembering to stay grounded.



Juggling Housework as you Work from Home? I hear ya!

I used to consider the house to be clean when EVERYTHING was spotless. Not one room unturned. BUT motherhood is soon teaching me that my mindset and expectations have to change with the times and my family demands.

So, I now look at the house, and in my head, give it’s cleanliness a score out of 10.

If it’s a 5 then I might aim to get it to a 7 by the end of that day.

Likewise with my exercise.

When I really fell away from my running (which I love), it became impossible to imagine getting back to where I was in terms of fitness and distance but when I broke it down and thought of where I was at that moment, out of ten, I could then think about what my goals and actions would be to get me just one or two numbers higher in my personal rating system.

See where I’m going with this?

There’s great value in baby steps.

I apply the same thinking to business. Where am I now? Where do I want to be in a month’s time (small goals are great) and what will I do to get there? When I break my goals down into actionable steps with real deadlines that are achievable, I honestly get excited. Action makes momentum. Achievement makes confidence and so it all goes!



It’s time to get REAL

I know I will probably always have to consciously work at this mindset shift of looking at my world through baby steps but it honestly is the thing that I credit to FINALLY getting started in business and it’s the thing that keeps me sane in so much of the thing that social media has termed #mumlife.


So now I ask you:

Was this reminiscent of a time in your life?

Is this happening to you right now?

Are you still figuring out how to balance mum life and business life?



You Are Not Alone 

If you’ve ever felt the negative affects of a perfectionist mindset, the guilt, the burden, the overwhelm, the shame, the fear, the frustration and all the other stuff that society “says” we have to hide about our motherhood experience, then this an opportunity to hang with a Mama who gets it!

Grab a cup of tea or something nice (if you can) and join me on this episode of the Mums With Hustle Podcast as I chat to Gervase Kolmos  from about these very things!

Here’s what we chat about:

  • Transitioning into motherhood
  • Overcoming PPD
  • The importance of self development, masterminds and mentors
  • How to deal with overwhelm as a WAHM
  • Self-care
  • Overcoming mindset struggles as a Mum entrepreneur
  • Strategies for dealing with Mama guilt
  • What to do when your biz starts to impact upon your relationship
  • How to get to the other side of fear
  • Why you need to invest in yourself


You can listen to our very REAL interview right here on iTunes or in the post below.

Oh by the way, if you haven’t already, I invite you to personally subscribe to my podcast for your weekly dose of biz action and inspiration. It’s completely free and you can download them ahead of time so you can listen anywhere – the car, the gym, while hanging out the washing… When you download ahead of time you don’t have to use your data whilst listening on the go! WINNING!

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That’s it from me. Keep hustlin lovely and remember, perfection is over-rated and “baby steps” are still steps!










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