How To Start Collaborating On Instagram

MWH 131 : How To Start Collaborating on Instagram

How To Start Collaborating on Instagram

Collaboration is a very powerful and effective way (and honestly, a very budget savvy way) to grow your business and build a powerful brand online.

Being a solopreneur can be really isolating, so having a squad out there on Instagram is so incredibly fun, plus it drives your business forward in ways you haven't even thought of yet.

If you're interested in creating long-lasting relationships with your peers and people you look up to while also growing your business, then this episode is definitely for you!


In this episode, I'm actually going to share a bit of a personal story on how I started connecting and collaborating with brands and fairly large influencers on Instagram with confidence. And, I did this all before I launched Mums With Hustle!


Understanding your WHY and big motivating factor is essential to connecting and collaborating with confidence. This is because it is already a huge motivator to you that encourages you to go on out there, put on your big girl pants, feel the fear, and do it anyway.

If you're truly interested in learning how to collaborate without fear, then make sure you're taking notes.

As always, if you can't listen and you'd rather have a quick read – here's a recap of what I discussed in this episode.

1. Come From A Place of Service

When you have who you are serving in your heart, you will be guided by such a strong driver! Listen, if you're an introvert, you're shy, lacking confidence, or even a brand new business – it can be so intimidating to reach out and connect with people on social media.

Sending a pitch can be scary, so if you have a huge WHY and mission that is close to your heart it will help motivate you to jump in and do it!

Key Points I Discussed:

Does your business come from a place of service?

What is your big WHY?

  • Dig deep and break through the surface level reasons behind your why.
  • Tap into your values, your mission, and the bigger purpose.
  • What is the legacy you're trying to build?

What does the serve mentality have to do with collaboration?

2. Making The Pitch

I wanted to share a true and personal story that I told the ladies that attended Social ConXN earlier this month. It's full of a lot of golden nuggets, so make sure you have your pen and paper ready!

Key Points I Discussed:

Let's go back to the beginning of Mums With Hustle?
What did I want Mums With Hustle to achieve?

  • Help inspire
  • Give actionable business advice
  • Spotlight and champion other women in business
  • Create a community to celebrate the successes of other women

How did I pitch to women to be a guest on the Mums With Hustle Podcast?

  • Via Instagram
  • I followed and engaged with women I thought were amazing and who were killing it
  • I introduced myself via DMs almost immediately

Ways to use Instagram Stories to connect?

3. Listen To Your Intuition

After you've made your pitch, you will feel so many different emotions. It's totally possible, you'll be rejected outright, but you cannot let that discourage you. In this section, I share more about how you need to listen to your intuition.

Key Points I Discussed:

Why should you start backing yourself?
Ways you can ignore the negative voices (your ego!) in your head?
How should you handle rejection?

How can you reject someone politely?


This episode was something I knew I had to share, even though it was quite personal. Literally, straight out of my journal. I really hope you take some of these tips and strategies to confidently connect with the women you admire.

Take a few minutes and write down 5-10 people you want to connect and collaborate with and start saying, “Hello!”.

Remember, it's totally cool to go slow, so you can go far!

If you're listening to this episode, I want you to take a picture of yourself or your surroundings and tag me @mumswithhustle because I want to see how you get your hustle on!



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