MWH 206 : Instagram Isn’t Showing You ‘Likes’ And This is Powerful For You!

Instagram Isn’t Showing You ‘Likes’ And This is Powerful For You!

As you may know, Instagram is my jam, and it’s what I’m excited to chat with you about here on the podcast today. We’re going to be diving into how Instagram isn’t showing you ‘likes’ and why this is powerful for you!

Because guess what? The fact that your “likes” are out of sight means that the focus is on your content, rather than a number. Which is HUGE!

So, let’s get into it!

Key Takeaways:

>> [0:23] Welcome back to another episode of the Mums With Hustle Podcast! I’m your host, Tracy Harris. I’m the founder and CEO of Mums With Hustle, the Founder of the Social Method Society, and the founder of the Instagram Course Hashtag Hustle.

>> [0:45] I coach and mentor women to design their life first and business second – by harnessing the superpower of social media, in particular Instagram, as part of a complete digital strategy.

>> [1:05] I've been teaching Instagram marketing for four years and in that time I've helped thousands of female business owners increase their profits and create radical change in their lives through my transformational online programs, speaking engagements and high-level coaching programs.

>> [1:50] I want to take a minute and shout out a couple of five star reviews that were left by two of my lovely listeners because when I read them, I was instantly high-vibing.

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>> [4:15] Today we’re going to be talking about Instagram’s recent move to trial hiding likes from mobile users in Australia.

>> [5:55] Depending on how your brain is wired, you’re going to see this as a great thing or you could be in the camp of the scarcity mindset.

>> [6:50] Whenever there’s a shift in how a social media platform works, are you someone who is able to view this as a new way to serve you or do you view it as if you’re always at the mercy of the social media platform?

>> [7:46] Instagram isn’t going anywhere. It’s becoming more and more popular and we get to choose how we feel about the platform.

>> [8:42] Not everything has to be doom and gloom. When Instagram makes a change, it doesn’t mean you’re less visible.

Your Mindset

  • What you focus on, expands.
  • If you’re focusing on being powerless, then you’re going to have other thoughts that keep you operating on that level.
  • You have the opportunity to think more empowering thoughts so you can go to another level.

>> [10:11] Having a business is all about YOU and how you think.

>> [10:30] If you feel like you are ready to master your mindset, master your Instagram marketing, and have a little bit of coaching. I urge you to put your name down to join the Social Method Society.

>> [11:26] Women are happy that Instagram has hidden Instagram likes because many women have validated their worth based on Instagram likes. These business owners and influencers have expressed that they would post for likes rather than posting for truth, value, impact, or substance.


>> [12:43] There is a notion of pack mentality because others will like your content because it’s already popular – rather than liking it because they are actually interested.

>> [13:52] It’s easy to fall into the illusion that great content gets a great amount of likes; however, there’s more to it. You need to make the effort to communicate your value in all forms (through testimonials, media kits, etc.).

>> [14:57] The fact that likes are no longer visible for influencers, they’ll have to communicate their value. Inside of the Social Method Society, we have influencers who see themselves as personal brands and they see their purpose as bringing sales to other businesses. They think and see themselves as businesses in their own right.

>> [15:53] If you’re thinking of working with an influencer, start working with someone who is operating as a business owner. Check out this podcast where I chat all about Influencers with Alice Bingham.

>> [16:23] Likes are not an indicator of a post that will build your business. They’re important, but don’t go thinking that it the only metric you need to be measuring.

>> [17:10] You can still keep track of your likes by clicking the “View Insights” button underneath the bottom of your post. And you can view the likes from your computer!


>> [17:40] I have heard in some circles that in some circles, people are validating themselves, their content, and their business by the amount of comments they’re getting. If you’re on social media and you’re solely relying on validation, then that is not a healthy headspace to be in. Those things and that focus is going to become toxic for you in your business.

>> [18:51] More likes and more comments doesn’t necessarily build your business. I always get worried for people when they validate themselves on those metrics.

>> [19:42] There are people thinking that their visibility is reduced because people can’t see likes. If you want to know what people want to see, have some time looking at your Instagram insights. Take a look at your most liked images over the last three months.Can you see any trends in that? Is there are particular topic you’re talking about? Was it a text graphic? Was it a boomerang? A visual image? Then try doing to do more of that!

>> [20:40] Things will only work for so long. None of us can keep doing the same thing, and we get to decide how we get to do that!

>> [21:02] Now, if you want to keep fun and fresh and stay in a healthy state of mind when building your business, then we want to see you inside of the Social Method Society. Every month, my members receive and Instagram Content and Strategy Calendar so they can plug and play.

>> [21:43] I would love to hear your thoughts on how you have felt initially when Instagram started hiding likes. Come and find one of my recent Instagram posts and let me know what your thoughts are @mumswithhustle.

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