Instagram Overwhelm

How To Avoid Instagram Overwhelm

How to Avoid Instagram Overwhelm

How often do you feel like a slave to your phone? Instead of spending precious time with your little one, you’re trying to capture the perfect image for your Instagram account with the hopes that maybe, just maybe, this picture will be the image that will put your biz on the map.

Instagram can be pretty overwhelming if you don't have a strategy.

Raise your hand if you’re too busy focusing on the less sexy aspects of being a bizmum or simply procrastinating? We’ve been there, and we understand the mummy guilt, partner guilt, and guilt about always being on your phone.

Are you ready to break the guilt cycle and spend more time with your family, while also growing steady engagement on Instagram?

We’ve got you covered. Here are six ways to help you avoid Instagram overwhelm:

1. Get Your Own Look

Do you often find yourself scrolling through your Instagram timeline thinking, “I wish I had photos like that!” or “If only I had the time to do that, my biz would be so much better!?”

One surefire way to stand out among other Instagram users is to get your own look! Stop trying to be the same as everyone else. Find your own unique angle and run with it!

Need some #inspo? Here are two accounts we love:

  • @kablooiestore is amazing for their cute and consistent photos with an awesome use of emojis that make the brand seem fun!
  • @labohemehouseofthewishingtrees will immediately make you say, “hello, boho!” by always posting chic images that show users how they can add their brand to their home.

2. Photo Planning

Take some time to plan out your posts ahead of time. What seven posts do you want to share in the next week? Figure this out and you’ll be set with our next tip!
Keep in mind that it’s good social media marketing practice to balance your posts with “three gives” and “one ask.” If you’re after more Instagram etiquette advice then check out our two-part episode on How To Frustrate Your Instagram Followers.

3. Picture Day

Your little one is not the only one who should be excited about picture day!
If you schedule at least one day to take your photos and edit them, you won’t feel as if you’re constantly on your phone trying to capture that perfect shot.

A great editing app to check out is VSCO! It’s free for IOS and Android, and it has gorgeous filters for your images.

4. Caption This

So, you planned out what photos you want to take, you took them and edited them, now come up with some catchy captions!

Plan out which captions you want to put with the images in advance and schedule them into apps like Evernote or Trello.
You can even save the captions into your calendar with a set time that you want to post.

Think about investing in an Instagram scheduling software like Later and schedule your entire week ahead of time.

5. Set Time Limits

Do you casually check Instagram and end up on a post from September of 2012 and can’t remember where the last 45 minutes went?

Just like setting time limits for your children playing video games, you have to set time limits for yourself.

Don’t fall into the pit of endless scrolling. Limit your time on social media and schedule your Instagram time into these 10-minute intervals:

  • Ten minutes to post (unless you’ve already scheduled your images!).
  • Ten minutes to engage. Keep up the conversation with your followers in your allotted amount of time.
  • Ten minutes to hustle for new followers. Like, comment, and chat with new accounts that you want to follow you, but don’t get caught up and spend more time than necessary.

6. Radio silence? No, Instagram Silence

That’s right! Turn off your notifications and keep your phone out of reach. You don’t need to open the app every time someone likes your image or comments. Trust that you killed it with this post, let the attention pour in and focus on something else while it does.

Another great way to silence Instagram is to put the app in a folder and on your second or third page of your phone, never the homepage or else you’ll always want to check it.

Using Instagram to your advantage and grow your biz, while still having time to spend with your family is what we like to call the perfect balance.

Have you experienced any success from our tips? Comment below and let us know!


How do I connect with my tribe? With Instagram! I am madly passionate about teaching bizmums strategies that will electrify their Instagram efforts, and avoid any Instagram overwhelm.

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