MWH 165 : Kicking Off Your Year with Confidence and Intention with Karen Diaz

Kicking Off Your Year with Confidence and Intention

We are all on a journey of growth! What if you embraced this New Year with a brand new mindset, so you could kick off the year with confidence and intention?

Would you feel empowered? Of course you would!

I'm excited for today's episode and our amazing guest because she's going to help you leave this episode feeling empowered and ready to live your life with confidence and intention.


I'm honestly so excited to talk to you today about body image, confidence, language and setting yourself up for a much more confident you.

Today's guest is Karen Diaz! Karen is is a registered dietitian, busy mum, and the author of the best selling book Within: Making Peace with Food and Body to Create a Happy Healthy Home! Karen is also certified in intuitive eating and uses her expertise to guide women in overcoming disordered eating and body image struggles.


During this episode, Karen is going to share how to kick off the New Year with intention while also sharing her best tips to becoming more confident physically and mentally by changing the way you speak to yourself. So make sure you grab your pen and paper because you're definitely going to want to take some notes.

1. Introducing Karen!

Karen is seriously incredible. You're going to leave this episode feeling empowered and confident because of her words!

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Karen Diaz?
What is Karen's biz journey?
How did Karen found her biz?

2. Improving Your Body Image

A lot of the beautiful mums in my tribe struggle with their post-baby body image. This causes them to fear sharing images of themselves in their online marketing efforts, and sharing their story online is HUGE. In this section, I'm chatting with Karen about how women can improve their body image to become more comfortable sharing pictures of themselves online.

Key Points We Discussed:

How do you recommend mums in business improve their body image?

  • Accept health over weight.
  • Brand your own body type.
  • Put boundaries on your inner mean girl.
  • Connect with your body by being present.

How are certain body types seen as “trends” because of marketing?
Why should you own what you have and embrace it?

3. Your Language

The language we use about ourselves and our business can seriously impact our self-esteem and our goals. I cover this a lot in The Social Method Society. In this section, Karen is sharing how you can use the power of language to create a new way of thinking to leave their old self-sabotaging beliefs behind.

Key Points We Discussed:

What is the importance of letting go of what you're carrying?

  • When you let go of the old stories and beliefs it is much easier to move forward and gain self-esteem fast.

Why should you create a manifesto of beliefs and values?

  • Read it everyday.
  • Be intentional.
  • Become so empowered that your inner dialogue quiets down.

How to know if what you're thinking is truth or if it's your inner bully?

  • Think about whether or not it makes you feel good.
  • Ask yourself if what you're thinking is really true.
  • Implement the think like a scientist approach. Try to remove emotions and shake things up to see from another angle!

What is mirror work?

4. Living With Intention

Living a life with intention is so important if you wish to live your life by design. In this section, Karen is sharing precisely HOW you can live your life with intention.

Key Points We Discussed:

What are Karen's top five tips for kicking off the New Year and living with intention?

  • Pick theme for the year so you can stay clear on 1-2 objectives.
  • Create a mission statement you can read everyday which will help you stay clear.
  • Take care of your mental health. Focus clarity and boundaries are so much easier when you care for your body and mind.
  • Plan and schedule your days/weeks/months, so you can take the second guessing out of the game and increase your energy and creativity.
  • Implement daily reflections without judgement to remind yourself why you do what you do. Ask yourself – What went really well today? What could have made today better?


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This year Karen is starting a program to certify women in her method of working to overcome food and body image so they can impact their communities. She is holding her first retreat where she will create coffee table books for the women showcasing their struggles as strength in a beautiful story and photo to have in their homes for their kids to be proud!

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Facebook: @TheFreeLifewithKarenDiaz


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