MWH 158 - Emily Aarons

MWH 158 : How To Use Meditation As A Tool For Business with Emily Aarons

How To Use Meditation As A Tool For Business

Anyone who listens to the Mums With Hustle Podcast knows that I'm a firm believer in the power of manifestation and following my intuition in order to design a life full of abundance.

I also believe that you have the power to unlock the ability to have a bigger impact! In today's episode, you're going to learn HOW to unlock this ability and use it as a tool for business.


I'm super excited to welcome today's guest onto the podcast because she, too, is all about high-vibing.

Today's guest is Emily Aarons! Emily is an intuitive healer and psychic business coach who is based all the way in the States. She supports her clients on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks from their energy systems as well as from all lifetimes using the Akashic records so they can step fully into their power as entrepreneurs.

Formally trained in Polarity Therapy, Emily has been clearing energy for nearly two decades. Combining her abilities as a healer with her love of business allows her to mentor and teach others how to run a powerfully profitable businesses. Emily’s body of work includes guided meditations, a meditation membership for entrepreneurs, an exclusive 12-month mentorship and is a sought after speaker.


During this episode, Emily is going to share why it is so important for entrepreneurs to follow their intuition, how to use meditation as a tool for business and she's going to provide her top tips on how to stop struggling with pricing your products and offers once and for all.

1. Introducing Emily!

Emily is so amazing! I have a feeling you're really going to love her energy and the good vibes she brings to this episode.

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Emily Aarons?
What is Emily's biz journey?
How did Emily found her biz?

2. Following Your Intuition

Everyone is born with an intuition, but over time we stop trusting our instincts and that deeper knowing. In this section, Emily shares why you must start trusting your intuition more to move forward in your business.

Key Points We Discussed:

What is intuition?

  • Usually feels like you're imagining it, but you should know/trust that it's your intuition.
  • Signals from your gut and “truth chills” are great indicators of your intuition.

How can you strengthen your intuition muscle?

  • Practice
  • Meditate
  • Trust In What's Coming

What is the unique way we receive information?

3. Meditation

Emily has been meditating for decades! In this section, Emily is sharing how she uses guided mediation to get deeper into the energy of her business, soulmate clients, and offers.

Key Points We Discussed:
Why should entrepreneurs use mediation as a tool to attract their ideal soulmate clients?

What is one really incredible meditation breakthrough story and the impact/outcome that it had on that person?

How can you get started with your own meditation practice?

  • Start meditating!
  • Relax and deeply breathe.
  • Commit to a few minutes every day.

In what way is learning to trust your intuition a muscle?

4. Pricing Breakthroughs

Struggling with pricing is something that every entrepreneur faces in their journey. In this section, Emily is sharing what she does to help her clients experience breakthroughs with pricing and money mindset.

Key Points We Discussed:
How does Emily help her clients experience breakthroughs?
What is the Soul Book?

How can money mindset be addressed using meditation?

  • Connect to your higher self.
  • Feel more confident.
  • Stop listening to the mean girl in your head.


Want to attract your soulmate client? Emily is offering Mums With Hustle Podcast listeners access to a free guided meditation for those interested in Attracting Soulmate Clients with ease!

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Special thanks to Emily for being a Mums With Hustle Podcast guest!

As always, if you're feeling brave I want you to take a picture of you or your surroundings, and tag me @mumswithhustle in your Instagram Stories telling me if you've ever experienced any of the cool intuition inklings we discussed in this episode.

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Emily is taking some time off for maternity leave with her baby #2; however, she's still working on some secret little projects. She'd love for you to connect with her on IG or Facebook.

For anyone who’s feeling like they're on the verge of a breakthrough and looking for help trusting their intuition and using meditation as a tool in their business, you can also find her in Mastery & Ascension, her monthly members community.

Instagram: @emilyaarons
Facebook: @emilyaaronsholistic


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