MWH 151 : Motherhood Meets Entrepreneurship: How I Built A Business With My Babies At Home and Endless Night Waking

Motherhood Meets Entrepreneurship: How I Built A Business With My Babies At Home and Endless Night Waking

The element of having young children around all the time when you're trying to grow your business can really make you feel like your business is going at an extremely slow place.

So what should you do when motherhood meets entrepreneurship? And how the heck are you supposed to grow your empire with only a few hours a day?

As always, I've got you covered with how you can begin to hustle consciously and see growth in your biz.


In this episode, I really wanted to speak to all those ladies who feel like they don't have enough time to grow their business. So I'm sharing how I built Mums With Hustle with two babies at home and endless night waking!

1. Don't Get Caught Up Comparing Yourself

I will be the first to tell you that overnight success is a myth, and believing this myth allows for comparison syndrome to creep into your mind and poison you against yourself. In this section, I'm sharing why you cannot allow yourself to get caught up in comparison syndrome.

Key Points I Discussed:

What happens when you start comparing your journey to another biz babe's?
Why should you stop comparing yourself to other women in business?
How can you stop comparing yourself?

2. Stop Glorifying Busyness

Progress and success in business does not come down to busyness. In reality, busyness prevents you from growing as an entrepreneur and creates self-limiting beliefs.

Key Points I Discussed:
Why should you not equate success with being busy?

  • You should be taking consistent conscious action on the right tasks in your business.
  • Mel Robbins describes busyness as just an excuse.
  • Busyness is fear talking.

How is busyness a form of procrastination?
Make a list – What are the things that you spend time being busy with?


We need the courage to be honest with ourselves and the drive to take action on the things that will allow us to see growth on this entrepreneurship journey. We do not need time in order to succeed!

Think of one thing that you can do today to move your business forward. I'm so excited to see you bring consciousness into your hustle!Tag me @mumswithhustle in your IG Stories with what you're going to do today to move your biz forward, so I can repost it in my Stories and hold you accountable.

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