MWH 019 : Learn How To Create A Balanced Life With Kate Payne & Andy Broadbear (YogaMama)

Balanced life
When two mothers instantly connect as well as these two it’s a no brainer that they go into business together. This week’s guests are Kate Payne and Andy Broader and together they are the Yoga Mamas. Whilst YogaBebe focusses on the prenatal journey and Aussie Yoga Mama on the postnatal journey, Yoga Mamas brings these two together collectively, providing guidance and insight into the motherhood journey, using yoga as your inspiration. I’m a bit excited to have both of these women on the podcast. It’s a first here at Mums With Hustle to have two guests!


Kate and Andy are here to talk all things business but they also bring a unique point of difference to the podcast. They are going to share with us how we can create a balanced life, through providing strategies and advice about some of the biggest emotional, mindset and practical challenges we all face as mothers and as female business owners.


“The most amazing thing about this entire journey is that it has flowed so naturally – no force, just ease and flow. Sure we’ve worked hard (our butts off actually), but when you are working on something that lights you up it’s easy. This is when you know that what you’re living an authentic, higher self life”.


The ladies have developed an online at home pre & postnatal yoga video series – it guides women through safe yoga practices and includes posture work, meditation and breath work for pregnancy & the first 6 weeks postpartum. At the time of this podcast they had just launched their Finding Balance Campaign 2016.


Creating a balanced life

Balanced life


Listen to this podcast episode if you want to know more about:


  • The importance of validation for motivation
  • Content and services online marketing
  • Going into business with a partner
  • Using social media to drive traffic to your online business
  • How to create balance in your busy life
  • Strategies for dealing with overwhelm and anxiety
  • Strategies for overcoming pain points of a mum entrepreneur
  • Developing your mindset for success
  • Monetisation and finding your perfect price point
  • Strategies for growing your audience and subscriber list


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Balanced life


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Balanced life

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