MWH 021 : Learn How To Set Killer Goals With Sara Sheedy


You know that feeling you get when you meet someone, kinda out of the blue, only to discover you’ve been connected in several ways for years but the universe just hasn’t pushed you together until that moment? Well, that was me with this week’s guest on the Mums With Hustle Podcast.

Sara Sheedy is one powerhouse of optimism. She oozes energy, self-belief and 100% practices everything she preaches.

In a nutshell, Sara is a creative trainer and facilitator within the leadership and management space. A the time of this recording she was just about to launch into her second entrepreneurial venture; her new company and website sarasheedy.com.au. Yes, I said second venture. Her first experience as an online Mum entrepreneur was as founder, creator and owner of the online e-commerce store “Dress The Look”, which she sold in August last year.

Let’s not forget to mention here that Sara is a wife and mother to two gorgeous kids, aged 1 and 3 and as if that isn’t enough, Sara also teaches Body Pump at her local gym twice a week where she motivates and empowers her members to unlock their fitness potential and break through those mental barriers that get in the way of them achieving the health and fitness goals they want for themselves.

Wow! See why she’s my kinda gal?

During the interview we talk about a lot in terms of business learnings, highs and lows but we really focus on goal setting. If you have ever found yourself struggling with focus and you feel like you’re paddling but you’re not getting ahead then really stopping to pay attention to the goal setting strategy that you are applying is something you need to stop and dedicate some time to.

When we have clear goals that are the right goals, set in the right way, you WILL see success. Through this episode Sara gives us a real-time walk through of a tried and true strategy that WORKS. To support you further, so that you don’t have to take notes during the podcast, and in order to take away some of that cognitive overload, so that you can just absorb this content, I’ve created you a printable that you can access here. This printable sets out in a very digestible way, the exact steps you need to go through when constructing the goals that you will absolutely crush! Print one or print several and begin creating goals for the important areas of your life. Those areas that you have identified as the ones that fill you up and give you that feeling of balance, contentment and success when all of these areas are working together in your life. I’m going to dive into that deeper with you in a blog post this week so keep an eye out for that one!


Get ready to learn:

  • Why you must set the right goals from the get go
  • How to set goals that work and get you ahead indoor biz
  • Why you need an accountability partner
  • How finding your ‘WHY’ will generate the right revenue-building ideas for your biz
  • How to stay motivated and on track to creating success in your purpose
  • The ‘must-knows’ for an online start-up biz
  • What understanding your ‘ideal customer’ actually means

Connect up with Sara:

Website – www.sarasheedy.com.au

Facebook – Sara Sheedy

Instagram – @sarasheedy


Smart Goals

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