MWH 266: How To Increase Energy and Mental Clarity So Your Business Thrives with Jessica Donovan

MWH 266: How To Increase Energy and Mental Clarity So Your Business Thrives with Jessica Donovan

MWH 266: How To Increase Energy and Mental Clarity So Your Business Thrives with Jessica Donovan

Have you ever wished that you had more energy and mental clarity in your day to day running of your household and your business? I know the feeling of being tired, uninspired and foggy-brained… I’ve been there. And I know that it doesn’t serve business well.

I want to bring this episode to you cause I know it can be super challenging to feel energised and have mental clarity when you’re a mum working from home whilst growing your business.


Joining me in this episode is Jessica Donovan! She is a mama of 2 and a naturopath who helps Mums raise super kids with healthy food and natural approaches.

Jessica is passionate about educating parents on nourishing their children with real food, helping to boost their health, and to able them to heal naturally. She combines her extensive naturopathic knowledge with a realistic, empathetic, inspiring and down to earth approach to empower women to look after themselves and take charge of the wellbeing of their families.

(This is Jess’s second guesting in the podcast! Listen to her first one here: “MWH 226 : How Launching A Membership Can Transform Your Business”)

In this episode, we’re going to share tips on how to increase energy and mental clarity as a mum in business. Also, how to improve your children’s immunity and health so that they encounter less illness, bounce back quicker when they do fall sick, cause we all know that kids do get sick!

Let’s be honest, being a business owner and a mother is challenging enough as it is. I want you and your loved one to feel good! Cause when you feel good, your business thrives.

I am also sharing some of my own health goals and hacks for how I stay energised myself. The bonus is, I’m seeing these changes make huge differences in my business too! True story.

Get a notepad and a pen handy, my love. This episode has lots of practical tips! Then let me know what tip best applies to you. Send me a DM at Instagram @mumswithhustle or comment on one of my posts.

Until next week, stay happy in your hustle!


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