MWH 273 : Using The Power Of Intuition To Grow Your Business with Lisa K.

MWH 273 : Using The Power Of Intuition To Grow Your Business with Lisa K.

MWH 273 : Using The Power Of Intuition To Grow Your Business with Lisa K.

Today, we’re going to talk about power of intuition and how to access this very natural and biological part of us that help us overcome fears, doubts, and inability to make decisions… And ultimately use this way of thinking to make powerful decisions that grow our business.

If you ever had a “Aha!” moment or an awesome idea that makes you feel really good, only to have another voice full of self-doubt and criticism pops up saying that’s not a good idea… Or if you ever found yourself stuck on making decisions, then this episode is for you.


I’m sitting down with Lisa Kumaradjaja! Lisa is an intuition expert and has taught hundreds of people intuition development in workshops and seminars. She teaches others how to use the power of intuition in their decisions, so they no longer doubt themselves and feel confident moving forward through her revolutionary step-by-step intuition technique anyone can use.

Over the many years of being in business now, I have gotten so much better in making decisions quickly. Looking back, those decision were great and the right ones. Decisions that I feel really good about…

What if we can all do that with greater intention and awareness to build our business quicker? So ultimately, we’re not getting stuck and we’re moving forward.

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Let me know your biggest takeaway from this episode by sending me a direct message on Instagram @mumswithhustle. I also want to know what stage of intuition do you feel like you’re at? I never get tired of hearing your feedback, so girlfriend, just reach out!

Until next week, stay happy in your hustle!


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