7 Reasons Why Exercise is a Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs

MWH 415 : 7 Reasons Why Exercise is a Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs

MWH 415 : 7 Reasons Why Exercise is a Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs

In this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about the game-changing power of exercise! Specifically, 7 reasons why exercise if a game-changer for entrepreneurs.


Let’s make it clear – exercise is not just about how we look physically, or the numbers on a scale or BMI calculations. It's about optimising yourself for leadership, becoming a peak performer in business, and fostering happiness and fulfilment in all areas of your life.

Get ready to unleash your potential as we explore the seven reasons why exercise is the secret source to your entrepreneurial journey:

7 Reasons Why Exercise is a Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs

  1. It boosts your energy levels. Exercise is like a powerful shot of pure adrenaline for your body and mind. It increases blood flow, releases those magical endorphins, and ignites your energy levels, empowering you to conquer any challenge that comes your way
  2. It improves your mental clarity. You can start to say goodbye to brain fog and hello to a sharpness and alertness, laser-focused thinking when you increase your movement.
  3. Exercise reduces stress. It reduces levels of stress hormones in your body. It boosts the production of feel good neurotransmitters. You will feel calmer, more centered, better equipped to handle whatever comes your way in the day in life and in business.
  4. Exercise enhances your creativity. Engaging in physical activity stimulates the brain's ability to generate new ideas, to solve problems, to think outside the box.
  5. It increases your productivity. Exercise is like a turbo boost for your entrepreneurial journey. You are gonna find that you breeze through tasks quicker, that you meet your deadlines effortlessly, and that you start to accomplish more in less time because of your brain function.
  6. It promotes a healthy work-life balance. Exercise can be the difference maker in achieving a healthy work-life balance. By dedicating time to your movement, you're sending a powerful signal to your brain that says, “it is time to switch gears and focus on my self-care.” It's an opportunity to prioritise yourself, to choose yourself, to recharge your batteries, to restore harmony between work and life.
  7. Exercise increases your confidence mentally. Exercise is a confidence booster like no other. It spills over into every aspect of how you show up for your business in the office or at home. You are going to become more resilient, more assertive, more willing to voice your ideas. That confidence allows you to take bolder risks.

Ladies, I also invite you to take part in a seven-day challenge to commit to a daily movement of your body – start by taking a walk whilst listening to the podcast. And then to take that step further by documenting your experience. Take a video of yourself out on your walk or your surrounds or a selfie capturing where you are doing your walk or just a view.

I want to see the commitment, I want see the determination. And then share that video or photo in your stories. And tag me on Instagram at @mumswithhustle.

Until next week, stay happy in your hustle!


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