MWH Spotlight with Yael Keon Of Mix Savvy

MWH Spotlight with Yael Keon, Mix Savvy 

Welcome to the blog Yael from Mix Savvy! We're thrilled to have you here sharing your unique biz journey with us! 

Tell us a bit about you and your family

I’m a mum from Perth to two beautiful kiddies 2 yo “boss of the house” Imogen and 2 month old “no you can’t put me down for 2 seconds” Callum. Plus I can’t forget my Fur Baby, Oakley who is not impressed that he has dropped down the ranks again. On top of all of that I am a FIFO wife – hubby is away 4 weeks and then only home 1. Needless to say life is full!

 But when I am not being mum you can find me running my biz Mix Savvy (total sanity saver!), learning something new or watching Survivor.


What was life like before you started your own business?

When I first registered the business I wasn’t aware I was pregnant with Callum – perfect timing right! So I was of course being mum to Imogen and then working part time at a software engineering company doing their marketing. I was one of the more fortunate ones who’s employer really was supportive of my return to work and allowed me to choose my hours. But still I knew I wanted the opportunity to earn more without putting in a whole heap of extra hours and to contribute more to the world.


Tell us about your biz and your WHY

Mix Savvy is a blog and business all about ditching the overwhelm that comes with marketing a small business in this modern era. Yes, we have been blessed with so many wonderful resources and tools – but you don’t need to do #allthethings!

I believe that there is a right blend that will suit you and your business and that if you can get clear on your strategy and establish solid foundations, not only will you be more effective in your marketing but that it can be simple!


If you could go back in time and offer advice to your former mumpreneur-self what would you say?

“Don’t worry your path will come all in the right time” – I had been searching for the “right idea” for ages, trying a whole range of different things but never felt fulfilled enough to follow through. And truth be told if I had started Mix Savvy earlier my mindset wouldn’t have been right. It’s still a daily challenge to “put myself out there” but I am definitely getting better practiced at it!


What does success mean to you?

Firstly, success means freedom of time and location. The freedom to spend the time with my kids and to take that elusive self care time. As for location, my husband is from Ireland so it would be a huge blessing if we could be in either country and still keep our income coming in.

Secondly, the joy in seeing other small businesses achieve their business dreams without burning themselves out in the process.


Your biggest productivity tip for Mums in biz

Know your Target Market! What they want, what drives them, where they hang out, what their day looks like. It sounds like work but it is a massive time saver! In the end you will save a lot of time as you won’t be spreading the wrong messages in the wrong places.


Let’s capture your personality with these fun facts about YOU:

Facebook or Instagram? Facebook
Tomato sauce or barbecue? BBQ
Coffee or tea? COFFEE
Wine or Spirits? Spirits – scotch in particular
Chocolate or Strawberry? Chocolate
City or Country? Country
Summer or Winter? Summer
Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling? Ryan Gosling


Do you have a special promo for all MWH? Tell us about it 

I am so excited to be releasing “The Amplify Planner”! A Marketing Plan & Organiser in one, this planner will guide you through your marketing for the next 12 months – and with no fixed date you can start any time! 

Pages include Big Picture Planning, Creating your Foundations, Content Planners, Email Planners, Social Media Schedules and so much more.
And to the Mums with Hustle Tribe I would love to offer 30% for the next week if you use the code at checkout “MWH30”. You can get yours HERE. 


Meet Yael 

Hi, I’m Yael and I have DITCHED the Marketing Overwhelm and I want to show you how to do it too!

After over 12 years working in multi-million dollar, international companies as a marketing department of one and backed up with my degrees (yes with an “s”), I thought I had it all figured out. …I was wrong!

I first started Mix Savvy with the aim to help small businesses grow using solid marketing foundations, and while those foundations have not changed, the landscape has changed significantly. There is no greater learning curve than when starting totally from scratch and DIY’ing everything yourself.

Mix Savvy offers online marketing support to businesses who don't know where to start.


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About Tracy

As the founder and CEO of Mums With Hustle, I have the best day job in the world: teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their beautiful businesses online. When I started the business, that was everything I wanted, but since then, it has grown into something much bigger. Now, I get my joy from helping women find their zones of genius within a community that truly celebrates their success. I truly believe that when women choose to band together, we can do anything - and if you feel the same, there’s a place in the MWH community for you.

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