Overnight success

Overnight success is a myth + Comparison syndrome sucks!

Overnight success.

It’s a myth that society likes us to believe is real.

Sorry, but just like weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility and perfect hair… “it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen” (what was that ad anyway?)

It’s true though. Believing in overnight success is just going to set you up for a minefield of mindset and confidence issues.

When you’re following an account on social media and you see them with 20K, 30K, 50K, 100K+ followers, it’s easy to assume they got there overnight but there’s no silver bullet babes. Just consistency and a never-giving-up attitude.

Comparison syndrome sucks and it will get you off course quicker than Channing Tatum dancing to Pony (cue that Magic Mike soundtrack!).

Overnight success

See. Getting off track!

So when you see yourself slipping into negative nelly land and comparing your following size to that of another, or doubting that you’ll ever get to 100 followers, 1K, 2K or more, just concentrate on you and believe that those accounts have been where you are now. They haven’t quit. They hustled their asses off trying to find the posting schedule, style, captions, collaboration partners, hashtags and all that jazz AND they probably did it with little kiddies in the background, just like you.

Be happy for their success, analyse what they’ve got going on that makes them so kick-ass and then move on and start focussing on your biz.

I know, I know. It’s very difficult sometimes but comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle isn’t going to help you progress.

In fact. One thing you need to know, is that the hustle never stops. It just pivots and different areas get your attention as you begin to progress and expand. True entrepreneurs never stop learning, testing, trying, taking risks, failing, succeeding… There are always new goals to kick and things that you could be doing better but everyone starts at the beginning and everyone on the outside only sees the shiny object – the tip of the iceberg that we’ve dubbed “success”. Hardly anyone except our parents and children know the true amount of hours spent growing your business, the things you missed out on, the sacrifices you’ve made, the money you’ve spent, the lack of sleep.


Overnight successPic credit – http://www.johnnyfd.com/2016/04/success-stories-passive-income-drop.html


Those are the behind the scene things that people don’t really talk about, or in the case of this image, the bottom (and majority) of the iceberg.

Whether you’ve been in your biz for a while or whether your just about to pop your head out of the cocoon and give it a go, just know that it is about consistency and mindset and it's normal not to be an overnight success.

Those are the two things that will keep you in the game.

  1. Taking daily action (no matter how small) will create momentum – Check out this podcast.
  2. Developing your confidence and mindset will effect how you think, speak and communicate about your biz to others and yourself – Check out this other podcast

Invest more time and energy into developing yourself in these areas and less time worrying about the ones that are ‘ahead’ of you, the ones that unfollowed you and the ones that didn’t follow you back.

Because after all, we attract what we spend most of our time thinking about.

So, what occupies your mind?



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