5 Lessons Learnt From Being In A Paid Mastermind

MWH 203 : 5 Lessons Learnt From Being In A Paid Mastermind

5 Lessons Learnt From Being In A Paid Mastermind

Before I joined a mastermind, I felt so uncomfortable investing that amount of money into my own development. However, since then I’ve come to realise the ripple effect of when I invest in myself…

I’m able to do so much better in the work that I do to serve you and help people all over the world!

My mentors have been pivotal in what has become possible for me within my own business and within my own business. And that’s what I want to talk to you about on the podcast today.

Today, I’m going to be sharing 5 lessons that I’ve learned from being in a paid mastermind. I’m also going to be announcing something special, so make sure you listen through to the end.

Key Takeaways:

>> [0:53] Today, I’m going to be talking about something different because I’ve been asked over the years to do a deep dive on this topic!

>> [1:25] I want to dive into today is about a premium mastermind. The context that I’m speaking about a Mastermind is:

A. It’s paid.
B. It’s facilitated by a mentor.
C. It’s a year long entrepreneurial experience.

>> [2:27] My mentors have been pivotal in what has become possible for me within my own business and within my own business. The ripple effect of when I invest in myself, I’m able to do so much better in the work that I do to serve you and help people.

>> [3:19] Why did I join a mastermind? Because ultimately it’s about investing in yourself so that you can in turn invest in your business. When I help someone, I want to be able to help them at my highest level. I truly believe the most successful people in life are open to continuous learning.

>> [4:53] Finding mentors to help me with the inner work and mindset is super important to me. Two of my mentors are James Wedmore and Jim Forton.

>> [5:55] Before I joined my first mastermind, I felt so uncomfortable investing that amount of money into my own development. Then I came across Jim and he said, “Successful people aren’t making decisions based on their current circumstances, they’re making decisions based off of where they’re headed.


  • Think like the CEO you need to be in order to have the things you want to have in your life.
  • This led to me behaving like the CEO, which then caused me to have the business that I have now.

>> [8:39] I asked myself a series of questions so that I could make a clear and conscious decision.

Before joining a mastermind, I asked myself:

  • If I don’t join an opportunity like this, what am I giving up?
  • What would become possible if I joined versus if I didn’t?
  • Ultimately, did I believe if investing this amount of money would bring me growth in myself and business revenue?
  • Would I be able to make the investment back?

>> [10:43] Being in a paid mastermind, is one of the most enriching experiences that I’ve had in my life. It causes you to slow down, step out of your business, and go far together with a small intimate group of people.

>> [13:15] Everyone tends to have a love language, and mind is quality time. Having the time freedom to spend with Karl and my children… that lights me up! So when I see mentors living life large that sees them having a big impact in this world without sacrificing time and freedom, I know that I would like to learn from them.

>> [15:00] My first lesson that I learned from being in a paid mastermind is to take action!


  • I’m able to move through problems and indecision much quicker.
  • When I first joined a mastermind, I instantly up-leveled in how I was thinking and what thoughts I was having.
  • I also started setting loftier goals.
  • Instead of seeing obstacles or blocks, I became hardwired to seeing opportunity.

>> [17:14] When I invest in myself, I’m able to invest in everybody that I’m trying to serve.


  • I’ve been able to take what I know and serve my clients at a higher level.

>> [18:48] The third thing is blind spots and growing pains!


  • Sometimes I’m way too close to my business that I can’t see either opportunities or holes or I can’t find a way out of something when I feel like I’m stuck.
  • In a mastermind, we can look at each other’s businesses from the outside and see things that we couldn’t see.
  • The feedback you get from your peers is no BS.

>> [22:38] The fourth lesson I’ve learned from being in a paid mastermind is that mastering your mindset as you scale your business is a non-negotiable!


  • “New level, new devil!” This is a saying that James Wedmore says often.
  • As we move along our entrepreneurial journey, we come up against mental blocks along the way.
  • A mastermind helps clear those blocks faster and get unstuck quicker.

>> [24:29] The fifth thing I’ve learned is that “good people, know good people.”


  • You have the ability for powerhouse collaborations. Check out my podcast episode with Suzi Dafnis!
  • Being friends with people who believe everything is possible is so refreshing.
  • A mastermind gives you an amazing network of people who also become your friends.

>> [26:05] In the masterminds that I’m in, they’ll go through into how they’re growing their business. And you’ll also get access to guest speakers! You’re tapping into the expertise and network.

>> [26:40] For me, the game-changing pieces are what happened internally. I went from making what I make in a year to making that same amount in a single launch (repeatedly) without any effort or time away from my family or freedom.

>> [28:40] What got you here, won’t get you there. There comes a time when every entrepreneur gets to the stage where their growth stagnates and successful people are constantly up-leveling.

>> [30:00] Karl and I are opening up a high-level mastermind here in Australia in 2020. It is specifically for people who have a course, membership, subscription based business or a digital entrepreneur. This is for people who want to scale in 2020! You’re wanting to lead, you’re wanting to learn, you’re wanting to bring value to the collective group and the other mastermind members. And also, you’re open and coachable!

>> [31:30] If you’re ready to play a bigger game and be part of a small intimate group, there are only 20 seats available for 2020. You can request and application HERE or send an email to hello@mumswithhustle.com with the subject “Inner Circle Mastermind”.

>> [32:28] This is an application and interview process because getting the right women in the Mastermind is our core focus. Some spots are already gone! If you’re interested in joining, we recommend you do request an application today. Let’s make 2020 your biggest and best year in business!

>> [33:20] Thank you for joining me for this week’s episode! I’d love to know what you thought about this episode, so hit me up in my DMs (@mumswithhustle).


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