The Impact WAHM’s have on their Children


with Nataly Tormy from Wonderwoman Children


As I sat there working away on my computer as per normal, trying to fit in a million and one emails whilst dinner is on the stove and the pile of washing is staring right at me I started to wonder what this sudden silence was that had come across my household. To most silence would be a sign of peace, solitude and alone time but silence in my household just like many is the meaning of utter destruction by my children.
I called out to them both with no response to only find both my children, girls aged 6 and 8 had taken my blackboard and table out that I commonly can be found lugging around at markets when promoting my business, into the driveway. They were both sitting there patiently on a chair each speaking to those who walked by. I was intrigued and slightly angry at this point ‘how dare they just take my stuff and not ask permission to go at the front’. As I approached them the sign stating ‘cheese samwhih’ and ‘hot cross bun’ for sale – $1 each.

It kicked in, the total mum guilt for wanting to kill them 5 minutes earlier to utter admiration for their beautiful little entrepreneurial skills. I asked them ‘girls what are you doing’ which they responded ‘we are selling things like you do mum’. Wait a minute – this was sounding like my children actually saw me as a positive role model. It can’t be. I am one of those Mums at the park with my laptop out, answering emails on my phone whilst pretending to listen to them and the one that is telling them (or screaming at them) to go to sleep so I can get work done in the office.

It dawned on me, well heck… I am a bloody good influence. I am strong, independent and motivated. I am goal orientated and I work hard. And most of all I have a dream and believe in myself to achieve it.

It was that day I felt connected to my children, my family and realised that I would not be the only mum that every day kicks herself with mum guilt and made me realise I just want to say to you all ‘Mums with Hustle’ that we are bloody amazing. Through our actions we are raising children that realise that in order to get where you want in life, you have to work for it. We are creating children that will create jobs and in turn we are teaching them to live independent and stable lives.

So today, pat yourself on the back and know next time that gut wrenching feeling of I am s**t parent comes to surface, punch it in the face and be confident that you are an amazing example and there is a huge fellow tribe of fellow biz mums who have your back!


wahmNataly Tormey founded social enterprise WONDERWOMAN Children in 2015.
It is a project of love and labour that developed from Nataly’s experience of being a mother of two premature unwell babes, neonatal nanny, nurse, public speaker and first aid educator. Through these experiences, it became obvious to Nataly that information and education can change – and indeed – save lives.

Nataly delivers inspirational and fun first aid training courses; advocates for good quality education for educators and carers; and flies the flag for affordable and accessible first aid, safety and childhood development training.


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