The Importance of Passion In Unlocking Your Mindset

MWH 179 : The Importance of Passion In Unlocking Your Mindset with Julia Black of Explorium

The Importance of Passion In Unlocking Your Mindset

Once you have passion in place in your business then you can go deeper into your mindset and use your time to explore and enjoy the adventure that you’ve began as an entrepreneur. Being successful in business is a process that evolves over time!

So if you're keen to ignite your passion by keeping your lights switched on, then today's episode is going to be a game-changer for you!


Today's guest is Julia Black! Julia is a BAFTA and Grierson nominated documentary maker, social entrepreneur and innovator in education and CEO of Explorium. For the past 10 years she has been learning about how we unleash the human potential and tap into our ‘divergent genius'. Initially this was to solve the immediate problem she faced as a parent, which was the glass ceiling on her own two children's education.

Through her Creative Learning Centre, she worked closely with schools and realised that no matter what the external environment was like, what really unlocked the brilliance inside people was empowering them to tap into learning from the inside out. After analysing what worked and didn't work for 1000s of children, she created Lights On®, a transformational learning framework that places the ownership of learning firmly in the hands of the ‘learner' so they can achieve extraordinary outcomes.


During this episode, Julia is going to share why passion is a key factor when it comes to unlocking your mindset, how to figure out what you're passionate about, and various ways to reignite your passion in business!

1. Introducing Julia!

Julia is seriously incredible, and I cannot wait for you to see why I invited her onto the podcast!

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Julia?
What is Julia's biz journey?
How did Julia found her biz?

2. Children + Passion

We are all born with genius inside us and over time that gets educated out of us. In this section, Julia is sharing what happens when our children's lights go off and how it impacts their learning.

Key Points We Discussed:

Why is it important to help children identify and develop their passions?

How do children become disconnected from their passions?
Why are children passive learners?
Why is passion so important for children?

3. Finding Your Passion

Anyone who is running their own business needs to be passionate about what they are doing – otherwise it is going to feel like a job. But a job you can’t leave at the end of the day! In this section, Julia is sharing the ONE question she asks her clients to help them find and unlock their passion.

Key Points We Discussed:

Why should you be passionate about what you're doing in business?
How can you figure out what you're passionate about?

  • Answer this question: What is it that switches on your lights?
  • Define what having your lights on means to you.
  • Get clear on what things switch your lights on and what really turns them off.
  • Based on this very quick and easy analysis, you can then start to design strategies to make sure that you are in your lights on zone.

What if you don't know where your passions lie?

  • Look back to when you were younger.
  • Remember a time in your life when you really felt alive and empowered by what you were doing.

4. Passion + Mindset

When you have your passion in place, you can go much, much deeper into your mindset. The core concept of Julia's work is that we all have a switch that gets our lights on. In this section, Julia wants you to think about your brain being wired in a series circuit.

Key Points We Discussed:

Why does Julia believe passion is a key factor when it comes to unlocking one’s mindset?
What is it about passion that is so game-changing in entrepreneurship?
What is the importance of getting the parallel circuit in place?
How does Julia recommend smashing through your self-limiting belifes to unlock your mindset?

  • Get very comfortable with getting things wrong and learning from every outcome.
  • By reframing what failure is that can open up how willing you are to take action without having all the information you need.
  • Use what goes wrong to your advantage and really step into owning those mistakes because that is what will help you grow as an entrepreneur.

What are Julia's three keys to success?

  • Passion.
  • Mindset.
  • Time.


Huge shout out to Julia for being on the podcast! I loved chatting with her during this episode, and she really helped us look at our children in a new way. I think this conversation is going to help us help our children follow their passions!

I'd love to know what turns your lights on! I challenge you to take a small step to connecting with your audience by sharing what you're passionate about and why in your IG Stories. Tag me (@mumswithhustle) in your IG Stories, so I can see what lights you up.


Julia feels extremely passionate about sharing everything she has learned about unleashing our potential and so she has a variety of opportunities for mums to take advantage of her framework to locate their child’s switch and then get them wired for learning.

She also has a Youthpreneur program which is a 12 month coaching experience where she takes young teens, age 12 to 16, through a process where they can get the foundations in place (that learning circuitry into a parallel circuit) to step into their entrepreneurial spirit and begin learning what it takes to truly be able to fail fast, forward and towards success.

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