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MWH 125 : Understanding The Ambitious Mother with Kirstin Bouse

Understanding The Ambitious Mother

At Mums With Hustle, I LOVE a bizmum who is ambitious, eager to learn, ready to embrace any bizmum breakdowns, and is keen to build her empire on her own terms and in her own time.

There have been several surveys conducted to discover whether or not a mother is more or less ambitious after having a baby… One study reported that 35 percent of women without kids were interested in starting a business, while more than half of mums surveyed (53%) said they'd like to start their own business within a year of having their child.

Not a surprise! Being a bizmum is a tough, but an oh, so rewarding journey that allows you to design the life you want to live.

My tribe consists of women who want their successful careers or to create kick-ass businesses and smash all of their goals, but they also want to be the best mother they can be because they value mothering to the best of their ability.

The average mum with hustle has a fuel within her to pursue her passions and make an impact beyond her home.

Sound familiar?

If you've ever asked yourself if you're cut out for business as a mother, then this is the podcast episode for YOU.


Turn this episode up and grab a notebook (if you can) because this is one episode you do not want to miss a beat in.

Today's guest is Kirstin Bouse is a Clinical Psychologist. She owns a group private practice in Perth, where she works with expectant women, new mums and not so new mums. Kirstin is also the Founder of The Conscious Mother. Through this business, Kirstin runs personal growth retreats for mothers who want to develop their self-awareness, heal old hurts and discover the mother they want to be. She has also developed the Ambitious Mother Program, consisting of a Retreat and Coaching Sessions, for women who wish to create kick-arse business or pursue rewarding careers AND be the mothers they want to be. Both The Conscious and Ambitious Mothers programs are run in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

So give a huge welcome to Kirstin, and let's get into it!


I absolutely loved having such an honest conversation with Kirstin about being a mother and striving to really smash your goals in business. During this chat, you will learn that Kirstin is the epitome of an ambitious mother, and she provides such valuable key-learnings to help you make the most of this wild journey as a bizmum.

1. Introducing Kirstin!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kirstin in person, and she's absolutely LOVELY! I knew I had to get her onto the podcast to share her wealth of knowledge with my fellow bizmums.

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Kirstin Bouse?
What is Kirstin's biz journey?

2. Understanding The Ambitious Mother

Kirstin wanted to find a term to capture the woman who WANTS to be a mother, but who has a burning desire to DO and BE more.

Key Points We Discussed:

What is an ambitious mother?

  • She wants to make an impact in the world – big or small – separate to raising great kids.
  • A woman who gets excited by a particular area of ‘work’ and wants to achieve great things in that area.
  • She wants to be fabulous at providing her service or product, have a great reputation, and grow her business all the while being available to her kids in whatever way feels right for her.

What prompted Kirstin to come up with the term “ambitious mother”?
What is the Ambitious Mother Program?

3. Kirstin's Journey as an Ambitious Mother

Kirstin is obviously an ambitious mother, so I was curious as to what her journey has been like.

Key Points We Discussed:

What has Kirstin's journey as an ambitious mother been like?

What are Kirstin's key learnings as an ambitious mother?

  • Set your own rules.
  • Work out YOUR values as a woman, mother and business owner.
  • Work to your natural temperament and your strengths
  • Develop serious self-compassion.
  • Have a truly supportive sisterhood in both mother and business stuff (2 separate groups if need be).
  • Self-awareness is critical.
  • Put dollars and time in to knowing yourself as a woman, mother and business owner.

4. Being A Good Mother

We all want to be good mums! It's something we strive for. As ambitious mums we jump through hoops, we stay up late when the children are asleep to work on our biz, we push back answering emails because we're running around at a birthday party. We are mums out here hustling to have the best of both worlds – motherhood and business.

Key Points We Discussed:

Can we be good mothers without sacrificing who we are as a woman, without forgoing our professional dreams and career?
What are the obstacles, and sacrifices that most ‘ambitious mothers’ face and make, in this motherhood journey?


Kirstin is offering MWH Podcast listeners a 30% discount on her book The Conscious Mother with promo code “hustle”.


Wasn't this such an important conversation to have?! I'd love to know what the one piece of advice was that you took away from this episode. Visit my Instagram post about this podcast episode and leave a comment telling me your biggest takeaway!

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Kirstin is moving forward this year with more retreats in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth via her Ambitious Mother Program.

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Instagram: @kirstinbousepsych


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