MWH 127 : Using Collaboration To Grow Your Business With Kara Vaina and Bec Stenner

Using Collaboration To Grow Your Business

I say it often that when it comes to building your business online or growing your tribe – you can't do it on your own. Especially, not in this digital age when paid advertising is at the forefront.

One of the best ways to grow your biz and tribe is through collaboration – not only is it cheaper than paid ads, but it's also something the provides huge return-on-investment (ROI).

There is so much power in collaboration, so you need to quit fearing it and start doing it! That's exactly what today's episode is all about.


I'm so giddy for today's episode because I'm chatting with two brilliant ladies who are mums and best friends about the power of collaboration. Oh yes, this episode is bringing you some serious girl power!

Today's guests are Kara Vaina and Bec Stenner the founders of Social ConXN. They are extremely passionate about helping you take the overwhelm out of your social media and to embrace the raw power of connecting.

Social ConXN

Social ConXN was founded to assist small businesses with developing and communicating their brand message on socials, ensuring they have consistency, taking away overwhelm and connecting you with like minded people through their workshop and events.

During this episode, Kara and Bec are going to talk about how business is not just about selling, social media or your product and service… business is about being brought together through connection and collaboration!

So give a huge welcome to these lovely ladies, and let's get into it!


I absolutely loved having such an honest conversation about collaboration with Kara and Bec. During this chat, you will learn how to make your business thrive through connection and collaboration.

1. Introducing Kara and Bec

I adore Kara and Bec, and I'm seriously looking forward to their upcoming Collab & ConXN event where I'll be speaking about all things Instagram and collaboration!

Key Points We Discussed:

Who are Kara and Bec?
What are Kara and Bec's biz journey?
What is the importance behind collaboration?

2. Getting Collaboration Right

Okay, so I love a good shoutout! In this area, Kara and Bec share some of the brands and businesses who are getting collaboration right in the social space.

Key Points We Discussed:

Who have Kara and Bec collaborated with?
What brands and businesses are getting collaboration right?

  • Rollie/Tiff Manuel
  • Go To Skincare/Manflower
  • My Mindful Year/INKD Stationery
  • Social ConXN/MWH

What is the importance of the collaboration over competition mindset?
How does collaboration assist in relationship building?

3. Fitting Collaboration In Your Biz Plan

Having a solid business plan is essential and knowing how to fit collaboration in your business plan is something you need to know how to do.

Key Points We Discussed:

How does Kara and Bec build collaboration into their client's social media strategy?

Why do most people not think about collaboration?
How is collaboration a natural and organic way of building your tribe on social media?
Why small business owners must put their money into good ROI?

4. Why Collaboration

I adore how passionate Kara and Bec are about collaboration. So, I had to have a conversation about why collaboration lights them up and they enlightened us on how to grow a successful business with powerful collaborations.

Key Points We Discussed:

Why does Kara and Bec love collaboration so much?
In what ways do Kara and Bec educate their tribe about collaboration?
How to avoid falling into the pay-to-play trap on Instagram with free collaboration?

5. Collab & ConXN

Kara and Bec wanted to bring biz owners a real life event that could educate small business owners on the power of collaboration and how to get it right the first time.

Key Points We Discussed:

Why is Kara and Bec's vision for the event?
What will small business owners get out of attending Collab & ConXN?

Why should people be attending the event?



This episode of the Mums With Hustle podcast is proudly brought to you by Social ConXN and the Collab & ConXN Event that is taking place on the 5 of May in Melbourne.

The event is designed to get small business owners collaborating, connecting and networking through real relationship building in a full day workshop with some kick-ass biz babes, Jess Ruhfus of Collabosaurus and myself.

The Event

You will walk away with a full day of learning, engaging, real life relationships, collaborations and photos to get you well on your way to building your business and socials.

With Jess’ extensive experience in collaboration and me being the go to Insta collab queen this will be like nothing you’ve ever attended before!

As a VIP you will walk away with a fabulous starter pack, access to One on One Q&A with the hosts/guests and entry into our networking evening.

[button text=”Grab Your Ticket” url=”” class=””]


Kara and Bec are gearing up for the awesome event Collab & ConXN taking place in Melbourne on May 5, 2018.

Facebook: @socialconxn
Instagram: @social.conxn


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