How You Should Really Feel When Someone Unsubscribes or Unfollows

MWH 186 : How You Should Really Feel When Someone Unsubscribes or Unfollows

How You Should Really Feel When Someone Unsubscribes or Unfollows

In the earlier days of my business, particularly the first year, there was one thing that used to bother, shake and derail me when it came to my email list or Instagram followers. I'm talking about those dreaded unsubscribes and unfollows!

I'd go from high-vibe to low-vibe and experience some serious self-doubt… Especially because this would happen even if I was sharing the three types of content that grows your blog or podcast.

Truthfully, unsubscribers and unfollowers are just a part of life in this digital age. And I did have to strengthen my mindset to actually see the positives whenever this would happen – that all of those unsubscribers and unfollowers were actually a blessing.

In today's podcast episode, I'm going to explain how you should really feel when someone unsubscribes or unfollows you.

Key Takeaways:

>> [1:39] There is one thing that always brought me down and had me questioning what I'm doing… but now it has me high-vibing and doing a little happy dance.

>> [2:23] I'm shouting out a few members inside of my private academy The Social Method Society. These ladies are using Instagram to capture leads and have record breaking revenue months!

>> [3:53] The one thing that used to get me down has a lot to do with email marketing and Instagram, and it's the dreaded moment when someone unsubscribes or unfollows.

>> [4:10] I'm not talking about the people who go quietly. I'm talking about the people who feel the need to tell you why they're unsubscribing or unfollowing you before they actually depart.

>> [4:52] Most people do not know how to give good feedback. It often comes off personal and critical or in a chastising manner.

>> [5:55] Your vibe attracts your tribe. I always say that the more you fly your freak flag early, the more you'll attract people who are truly for you.

>> [07:00] One of the times that comes to mind was when someone had disgust in me using the term “lovely”. She let me know that she was going to leave and find someone who is going to talk to her with respect. It really bothered me for awhile, and I thought about toning down my language and expression. But then I got to a point where I thought bugger it. That's me in my everyday life!

>> [8:38] When you meet your online audience in real life, isn't it amazing to feel like you can just be yourself?

>> [10:11] A friend of mine also received an exit email because she used “OMG” in an email and it greatly offended a person. We're all different. We don't have to be for everybody. There's greatness and opportunity in releasing the people who are not for us.


>> [11:30] I'm totally okay if people want to leave my tribe. I wish them all the love and light in the world, and there is a community and mentor out there for them. I hope they do well. And I let them know they're welcome back anytime.

>> [12:07] I know you put so much effort into writing your emails and Instagram posts, so it can hurt when someone gives you that criticism. It can especially hurt in the early stages when your numbers are going up and down like a yo-yo. It's way easier, far less exhausting, and so much more fun when you relax and own who you are.

  • Start introducing your own -isms into how you speak, your messaging, and be yourself!
  • Create a Nice Things folder and focus on the compliments.
  • Don't focus on the critics! Focus on the supporters and the one's you are serving.

>> [15:01] I hope me sharing this truth with you helps you feel less alone when you're in those early stages and people are unsubscribing and unfollowing. If you're inspired to do a happy dance next time someone unfollows or unsubscribes to you, please jump onto your IG Stories and dance it out! I would love to hear from you. Remember when you tag me (@mumswithhustle) in your IG Stories, I get a DM. I love reposting as many of the things I get tagged in!


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